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Eredivisie license but no Dutch Stadiums?

Dear Pes developers,

my name Timo, 23 years old and I live in the Netherlands. I'm a loyal Pes fan since Pes4.( 10 year anniversary) Me and all dutch Pes fans are happy that the Eredivisie is licensed in Pes. But without any dutch stadiums. We would love to have at least 'de Kuip' and the 'Amsterdam Arena' return in Pes 2014. Both stadiums have a Pes history but they both dissapeared without any reason.

De Kuip in Rotterdam is host of Feyenoord and is famous for it's great quality field, beautiful playerstunnel and it's amazing ambiance. It also host the annual cup final. The Knvb Cup.

De Amsterdam Arena hosts Ajax. The national teams plays a lot of their home games as well. In 12/13 it was home of the Europe League final. It's the biggest stadium in Holland and the Ajax fans are very fanatical.

When both teams play each other in the national derby( the Classiccer)
there's always a lot of spectacal because of the cheering fans. Now Pes 2014 is improving on fan cheering influence on the match, these stadium s belong in Pes.

Feyenoord and Ajax both have more than 1 million fans in the nation and so the Pes fans here are likely to be Feyenoord or Ajax fans. And besides that, the fans of other clubs are most excited to visit these stadiums in an away game. You would do us a honner with returning these football palaces.

Thank you for reading this and looking forward for any reaction.

Yours sincerely,

Timo Hoek
The Netherlands

Ps: To convince you even more, here are two links to clips of both stadiums to show their ambiance.

De Kuip: ( derby game)
De Arena:

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This is another concern I was thinking why Konami licensed clubs without their official stadiums. Konami must get themselves together and be aggressive on getting licenses that are available.
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