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Binaryfinery is an unknown

Still on PES 2011? or moved to 2012?

Hi all

my first post so thanks for reading

has everyone gone to 2012? i see the servers on 2011 are starting to drop in plyer numbers

whats your position?


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rayzoro is an unknown

I've tried 12 have to say I don't like it. Buggy as 11 is, PES2012 felt like the players were ice skating. I won't be trading up. Anyone fancy a game add me, My tag is rayzoro. I generally do quick matches from about 10pm onwards.
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dazsti is an unknown

I just bought pes 2011 from GAME for a fiver so it would be rude not to try it!
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IGlad is an unknown

I'm sticking with 2011 for now will buy 2012 when it's about 10 but I love ML in 2011.
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