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Konami what is going on?

PES 2014 online is depressingly aggravating.
I have been playing Winning 11 since I was 13. I am now 25 and the 2014 game is horrible. I am a massive fan of this game, Winning 11 or PES whatever you want to call it is the only game I play. I bought a PS3 solely to play the PES series when they came out on PS3. I love this game... but 2014 online is going to give me a brain aneurysm. I have been playing PES for a long time and consider myself to be quite the player, but the SHOOTING... THE GODDAMN SHOOTING... What the hell is wrong with the shooting? WHY CAN'T I HEADER OR VOLLEY THE FUCKING BALL? In one game I hit the bar 7 times and failed to score. 7 TIMES! All 1-on-1 with the keeper and i only tapped the shoot button ever so lightly. There should be a bloody achievement for that! If there was a crossbar challenge section I would bloody-well be the king of it. SEVEN. DAMN. TIMES. Sure I was using Tottenham and the striker was Soldado, but for Christ's sakes come on.

I am not a huge complainer, But this has got me so furious and stressed that I had to Write something that may (or may not) be heard. I live in New Zealand and I am part Japanese. I grew up on these games. These games gave me a lot of information on football. I love these games... But this...this...this 2014 nonsense is not what I love. No. Instead it drives me insane. Unbelievable.
Right now i don't have friends who are good at this game (or they rather play FIFA) so I play online.Online ranking matches where every fucking ass hat uses;
B)Real Madrid,
C) Bayern Munich.
Lord, how sick to death of playing these teams I am. oh forgot to mention
D)Paris Saint Germain

I use Tottenham. Because I ACTUALLY support Spurs (COYS!!!). So when I dominate these game possession wise, and thread balls into the box and fail to hit the target 90% of the time, it really makes me sad. Because a lot of these shit heads that play online boot the ball from a goal kick into practically my goal box because they control their striker when goal kicking and then they score (How is it not offside?). They are cheap and have no idea about the way football is played... IT STRESSES ME THE FUCK OUT.

Just wanted to vent my issues with this game. I'm still not going to play FIFA, but this could be the bloody tipping point.

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Mc Görk
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The shooting is that way "thanks" to patch 1.10. The Solution is to aim low or if you use advanced shooting not to press forward while shooting, just press up or down. Try in training mode, this seems to work for me.
Header and Volleys also have changed, they now need better timing, wich I think is good.
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Das:Fohlen is starting to get recognised at the PESGaming weekly breakfastDas:Fohlen is starting to get recognised at the PESGaming weekly breakfastDas:Fohlen is starting to get recognised at the PESGaming weekly breakfastDas:Fohlen is starting to get recognised at the PESGaming weekly breakfastDas:Fohlen is starting to get recognised at the PESGaming weekly breakfast

be happy that you CAN play online, i try daily for hours and it will NEVER connect in team lobby. i have played the last game online 3 days ago! i have no problems playing online with any other game but the only game that matters drives me crazy
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