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Hi Everybody,

I have some strange issues with PES2019 on my PS4 wondered if anyone else had this also.

I play online divisions only and in the beginning you win some and loose some. You have to learn. Than for 4 weeks I became much better and lost like 1 game per day over a 4 week period and playing around 6 matches per day.

Than one day i had a guy messing with me and just passing the ball for the whole match so I turned off my console and my courtesy level went down to a A level.

What happend now:

- Iím only being selected to play really high rated players
- I loose 5 out if 6 matches for 4 weeks per fay now
- Weird bounce back balls ending up in competitors feet
- Impossible situations players could still get out. Defending with 4 players and still he can get away with the ball. Steel the ball and the ball bounce back from one of my other players and lands in cometitors feet again for 5 times in the same ball steeling moment. Itís like it was already programmed that the guy should end up with the ball
- Few times when in scoring position I shoot and my player turns around and kicks the ball back and away from the goal
- In really decisive moments when aiming my control toshoot to the bottom it actually shoots up
- Also when on scoring position I shoot and the delay is so long that it waits till the keeper is there to grab the ball
- Also my players are walking aroun like they sre scaed of the ball
- I play matches and when doing headed balls or the keeper shoots the ball it lands in competitors feet 10 out of 10. Not even a lucky bounce back into my feet

Then when I play offline. All is back to normal. I win easy and everything I want to do gets performed correctly.

Does anyone have these issues? Is it the courtesy thing that test me if I can handle frustration?



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I never quit match, but sometimes cause of restart of my router I loose connection so my courtesy occasionally drops to AA or A, and you are right, when that happens next 4-5 matches is just disaster. Everything goes on the opponents side, just frustrating... so must agree with your stats.

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