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How can I change a national team flag in game files? [PS3]

I want to create a PS3 mod with classic teams, and I need to edit the emblems in game files because of the poor quality and delay by uploading it from a pen drive on edit mode.

So I modified the dt15_ps3.cpk file in order to put the correct logos, everything was doing great when modifying club logos, but when I tried to modify a national flag (ex: flag_ITA) it just doesn't work! In game, the emblem/flag gets invisible. I noticed that it happens only when I try to modify a national flag from a team with official kits and squads from Konami, I can change the flags from Hungary and Uruguay (fake squads and kits) and it works fine, but can't change: England, France, Italy, Germany, Brazil, etc (all the national teams that have official kits and squads).

Notice that it only happens with national teams, I can mod: Barcelona, Arsenal, PSG and any other official licensed clubs.

Please, someone have any guess of what's happening? How can I sucessfully change national flags?

Thanks in advance!

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