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Match of the Day GOTM

Hello fellow football fans! Just two more days til the full version drops and I am hyped!

I'm a long time PES player (started in 1997 on N64) and professional video editor.

Can't wait to play PES2017 properly. Add me on PSN if you want to play against a Forest fan.

I have a PES Youtube channel and I will be making:

GOAL OF THE MONTH VIDEOS in the style of Match of the Day, example below.

2BAD2BAD VIDEOS a take on MotD2's 2Bad2Good, featuring bad tackles and funny incidents.

SHOWBOAT VIDEOS in the style of Soccer AM's Showboat showcasing the best tricks and skills.

I am a professional video editor and motion graphics artist so hope to bring a touch of quality to the PES video community.


So if you're interested in any of those projects please send me your goals, bad tackles, funny incidents or showboating skills and tricks!

Thanks for reading and LONG LIVE PES!

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Davnichan is an unknown

Nice videos. Very well produced. I have to say the goals aren't exactly spectacular
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