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been playing pes since pes 5
what I like:
good online modes.

what I don't
now a days pes are arcade games on ps3.

pes 2011 has got to be as realistic as possible keep this in mind.
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i want to say my opinion about PES 11 DEMO. i'm playing pes from the first series. when i saw pictures of Côte d'Ivoire players i was so happy that graphic of athletic, body was so improved.
PES 2011 is very good thing passes, shoot and other things is fine, but graphically it's really shit, same as pes 2008 or something, i can't understand what this screenshots mean (france, Henry, Côte d'Ivoire)

please see this pic's

will pes 2011 full improved graphically ? i thnk you lost about quality, faces is same and etc.
in the history on the PC PES was best but today if you pes full will be same as demo FIFA will beat you, i'm really satisfied like fan of pes !!!

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- Bundesliga teams.
- Championship, League One and League Two teams.
- The Ability to creat your own stadium.
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My Top 10

Some of these are a little abstract, things I would like to test out in a football game. In no particular order.

1) More Leagues, primarily: Championship, League 1, League 2.

2) Weather that makes a noticeable difference to playing and with the atmosphere.

3) Balls that have stats: lighter, heavier, more bounce etc..

4) A training screen like what Fifa has for its Loading screen. Just with more choices.

5) Good, fun gameplay, fast paced, well made.

I was thinking with Dash, currently when you hold it down, you run at one 'running' speed, which really doesn't feel very fast.. and when you continously Tap Dash all you seem to do is hit the ball a little further infront :/.

I think the Tap Dash function should give you a Stamina bar, with say.. 5 seconds of Sprint, actual sprint, not the current Dash which is like light Jogging. The sort of sprint that gives you less control of the ball, but lets you pull away from defenders, or run down the wings, without the 90% chance of the defender catching you up EASILY, like currently.

6) Good shooting, with hundreds of different kinds of shots, a massive variety.

When dashing and shooting, about 80% of my shots all fly over the bar, regardless of power.. its really annoying, they look like the player is leaning back as he shoots.. running slightly faster shouldn't result in the inability to kick a ball lower than 8 feet.


8) Greatly improved Commentary, more realistic, talking to eachother, talking about teams and players by name and describing tactics and decisions.

9) Some sort of First Person football experience, idea from this Nike avert, its awesome:

10) Player specific movements and skills.
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