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Rat Monkey
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Rat Monkey has discovered the General Forums. God help us.Rat Monkey has discovered the General Forums. God help us.Rat Monkey has discovered the General Forums. God help us.

Second half:

0:18 Pass not really on. Your player is static, while defender is running towards the path of the ball. Fair enough, the pathing is linear without curling very often, but you know this.

2:04 You ran past the player. You had control. Again, easily beaten.

3:08 Ozil is drained of energy, but it is badly implemented here. Poor programming. Ozil could have run a bit faster than that.

4:04-4:19 You NEVER run into space. You need to exploit space to create options alot of the time. Not everything is handed on a plate to you, nor should it be. Your also moving very slowly. The opposition only has to jog to keep up with you, mark you and give you little option. I'm afraid, to me this is just poor play.

5:06 Just wild, aimless, badly timed, telegraphed tackles. Sorry, for being harsh but thats how it looks to me. Your not getting near them by which time you've commited to the lunge, missed it becuase your too far away and are easily beaten. Fair enough to me.

5:26 Ozil has no energy left. Ramires is still in the green. Of course Ozil is slow and Ramires is faster. Ozil also has the ball which slows him down more.

5:37 That tackle was miles away from ever being on. A slide tackle was your only hope and even that is being optimistic to even anticipate that pass quicker than you did in order to intercept it in time.

6:50 Too slow to pass it to welbeck.

Forgive my harshness, but I had to say how I saw it. Your defending and attacking need lots of improvement.

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Originally Posted by fatehasfans View Post
Didn't you notice in the second half, for the second and third goals I could not get near the ball? In fact I could not get within 5 yards of their players without them passing or glitching around me. I could do nothing, this is one of my main gripes. I don't mind the minor bugs such as pathing, my big problem is that this isn't one game but about four, depending on which setting you use and control is at the centre of it.
On this setting I am simply forced to play a certain way (i.e. tunnelled) and this negates any real freedom of expression.
It has nothing to do with skill level (I can assure you) go check out my video "Shooting is fine" and you'll see when the setting is changed what I can do when things 'work', I can bang them in from 50-60 yards time after time in fact the football is mouth-watering at times. I could upload some super goals that would turn your hair and shit white!

At the core the game is messed up it's as simple as that, it is not consistent in all game settings, in some game settings things work in others they don't, and the play-styles vary too. When the game is challenging things work less (controls, AI support etc, tackle etc etc) when the game is on easy most of it works or the computer simply lets you do what you want (i.e. won't chase the ball etc). It's better than previous version and has some nice ideas but sadly underneath it's ugly and broken.

P.S. Maybe we could have a game Ethan, let me know when and where and we'll hook up for a match (you are of course talking about the PC version?!?! - for if not I will have to slap you with a wet fish).
I have to write some too but most is already mentioned by Rat Monkey.

One of your biggest issue in your gameplay video is passing. I understand 1 bar passing isn't easy. I've been using it for more than month already and I still make mistakes a lot. Switching back to 3-bar passing makes the game too easy though, so I just stick with it. I hope there's a way to set the normal pass to 3 bar support and 1 bar support for through pass.

In your gameplay video, whenever you make a bad pass, you always blame the game and says it's broken. You can do the test that I did here and you'll discover that the passing mistakes is actually your fault.

PS. Thanks for the invitation but I'm sorry, I don't play online. I tried it a few times but the lag is not playable for me.
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Rat Monkey,
I just double checked your comments in relation to the first half and issues still stand - those passes you considered Ďpoorí where in fact directionally accurate but that the pathing simply wasnít there for it. As far as the shots go yes I donít always bring it in close and do the usual side foot it or softly loft it into the top corner, I like to try unusual things. Secondly, I am only playing the computer and trying to play ďfreelyĒ, when something doesnít work for me you simply state that I should have done the alternative, but this is exactly my point the Ďalternativeí leaves me with no options but to play one way, and my argument is that this happens on higher difficulty or when playing Vs human players, whereas on Amateur and below a lot more options are available.
Through your advice of offering me to always play a certain way, i.e. always go for the obvious pass highlights my query and reinforces it Ė that being the creative process is extremely limited. It reminds me of a discussion I had with a friend I play with on co-op, I know the pass he needs to make because I play the game a lot more and know what works and what doesnít (on higher settings) but his argument is that he feels I am forcing him to play my way, but in fact what he doesnít know is that it is the only way that works and so when I explain to him his counter argument is that why should he have to play that way, and he is right he shouldnít only have to play one way. But sadly thatís the reality, if he tries to go for a creative long ball or something different it never pays off. So essentially he has to play the way that works and the way that works is rather limited on higher difficulty levels.
I could record a game of me playing at the top level and Iím extremely efficient and pass a lot quicker and I take the Ďonlyí options and I win, but this isnít football. Esp considering that creativity and pretty much everything else goes out the window and after a while it becomes highly linear and I canít help but feel I am bottlenecked into making those decisions.
I appreciate the advice though and you know your stuff but I know my stuff too bud. Iíll maybe upload a game where I play the only options and you can access it but it wonít really make a difference because when the computer says no, it means it. When it wants to score, it scores. When it wants to give you an option/opening, it gives you one. When it wants to slow you down, it slows you down. When it doesnít want you to get the ball it does what it wants. I could record scene after scene my players running away from the ball only to run back when the moment is gone. What is your opinion on these problems or are they the fault of the player?

I like to play with flair, Iím a creative person and a creative thinker, I know the tricks donít work a lot of the time (the fail rate in 15 is greater than any series) but still itís nice when they do, and it is a case of try and try again until one works which does take the shine of them a bit and of course the practical aspect. When I play online there is very little room for creativity, you play by the numbers, itís all low short passes waiting on the gaps and waiting for the run or creating triangles with one-two (which again is very sluggish in this one) or exploiting the wing-runners, always trying to get as close as possible to maximise your scoring chances (again no long rangers here unless youíre up a few goals already) Ė but itís also about riding the storm (which will come in the form of negative advantage Ė see my earlier posts), timing tackles and just hoping luck is with you sometimes. So you have to take your chances. However, when playing at home for fun a). I donít want to play this intensely b). I donít want to be bottlenecked and finally c). I want things to work* all the time not just when I have the advantage or when the game is on easy.

*Controls, AI support, player pace compared to AI pace, tackles, shot-types and passing.

I do appreciate the input though and the fact that you have taken the time to look at this in detail.
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Maybe it's time to use Direct X 11-12. Lighting in the game look terrible. Football fields are not natural in the game. When you start using Direct X 11-12 in PES? And what kind of football where there is no struggle? Where the game hand? Where passive offside? And players can not get injured in a match. Also, how many times fans can remind you of the bad animation? Goalkeepers for Konami are insurmountable problem. - they wooden. I ask you to remove the goalie out of the gate in Pes 16. Because for you the goalkeeper in football does not play a great role.
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Originally Posted by muscularmatt View Post
LMAO! Best reply ever!

OP, you just got served.
Haven't seen these replies to lag related posts before...
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I tried to play it on PS4 too, hoping it would be better than PC, and at the beginning it was, but after it became a scam worst than PC.

I have an entire youtube playlist with all the wrongs that I have seen agains me.

Yesterday I deleted it from ps4 too...

I'll never buy pes anymore....

Watch the playlist:
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Personally, I think 14 is a much better game but only when modified properly. I have been modifying 14 for around 10 months now and have arrived at some very fun and interesting versions. I've take the best bits from various patches and experimented in the hope of improving the game and I feel I have for I love it!

I have uploaded two short clips (me playing on easy) one of those versions just to highlight some of the games speed, fluidity and creative freedom. That's not to say there aren't the odd moments of AI madness and a few passes going astray there are but they can be tweaked (I won't go into that now). It's more about the speed, variation of play and overall control options that are highlighted here. This is just so much fun and the emphasis is on attacking play and every game is like a sandbox of awesome goals all fully implemented by the player i.e. me - the knuckle shot timing has been reduced so shot variation is incredible which really means that nothing is impossible.


1st half ...

2nd half ...

Let me know what you think.
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