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FIFA 19 to PES 2019 stats conversion


There are two players I'd like to add into PES 2019 and with pesstatsdatabase two years out of date and neglected, I think my best bet is to convert the stats from FIFA. Does anyone know of a good way to do this? I need just these two players:

Josh Sargent, Werder Bremen

And also Julian Green. Here are his PES 2017 ratings, and here are his FIFA 19 ratings. Any ideas? How can you convert PES 2017 ratings into 2019? There's this program that converts PES17 to PES18...and then maybe from there I can convert PES18 to PES19? Any ideas on how to do that? From what I've seen, all of the attributes are the exact same (except that a few different attributes have different names in '18 than in '17; ie 'curve' vs. 'swerve.') But I read that the cards are different. Is there any need to tweak the ratings then from Green's PES17 ratings for PES19?

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