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Craiiig David
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Bluescouse it is just a bit of fun. And again fuckin hell i can't believe u believe that profile i'm younger than u i know u won't believe but truthfully i am alot younger than u and if u don't believe me tell me ow to prove it.
There are only 4 teams in England that have a swear in their name, ARSEnal, sCUNThorpe, Fuc**n Man yoo and Bast**d Everton!!!!!!!111111111

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So why did you make up your profile, craiiig? Something to hide, eh?

And bluescouse, why r u foulmouthing someone for posting to this forum. You are too? I am too? We all are.... so does that make us all a bunch of sad twats. And that severity of twatness is in age order? I think that's wholly unfair.
You want moto? You want massage? Er... you want nice lay-dee?
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Mambo is an unknown

Sorry I don't have any insults to add to the conversation, but Bluescouse, just out of interest, which Uni are you studying Creative Imaging: Advertising at?

I'm very interested in this area and will be applying to Uni in September-December
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