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Rubadub is an unknown

Been playing since ISS pro evo 98. I'm still playing so obviously I think it's the best football game about.
Some suggestions:
1. I like that 5 a side mode someone metioned, but a 10 or less a side legends mode would be cool. Also sort out that player camera, it's really hard to see if there's anyone behind you if you want to turn around, or just add different zooms to it.
2. Master league online. This has been coming for a while, I haven't managed to work out how to play as your master league team online and as I put so much time into it I would like to, but this should be a completely seperate mode, master league online, with seperate leagues and rankings, where you have to play with your master league dream team.
3. 2 vs 2 local co-op online. Remember you could do this on the ps2 online, with one ps2. Also you should be able to play 2 vs 2 or even 4 vs 4 online with your friends.
4. Add training back to master league, possibly a revised challenge training mode or mini games, where in the off season, you could work on specific players' statistics, rather than just pressing buttons to change specific statistics.
5. Challenge training online, 4 players, a turn each, a ranking in this would be really cool too.
6. Please bring this back too, online this would be amazing also. Random selection match, one of the best things about pes6 multiplayer.
7. Be able to play the music in your HD during a game ala Skate 2.
Thanks for listening.

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Trevi has stepped out of the darkness into slightly less darkness

Thanks for everyone’s ideas, but from now on I will not be paying attention to any post that contains an idea already mentioned in the first post. If you wish for your idea to be included please state it clearly and in one sentence. You may expand on it but only a sentence will be included in the first post so please let me know which sentence it is you want included and in what section (i.e. Animation, Game Play.)
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CocoBZ is an unknown

OK, then I'll say again... for the 'Referee' section - I want to see the referee doing mistakes.
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Trevi has stepped out of the darkness into slightly less darkness

Thanks CocoBZ, but just to make sure, by mistakes you mean other than making bad calls?
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CocoBZ is an unknown

Hmmm... probably not, but you gave me a great idea: what if in ML we can sometimes bribe the ref so that he takes unfair decisions against the other team? But if this happens too often you risk a fine or even lose some points. Main idea - 'ML'-bribe the ref
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CocoBZ is an unknown

Another suggestion, for gameplay this time - you should be able to simulate an injury so that the ref gives you a foul; but if you don't do it right, you will be booked for simulation.

Main idea: 'Gameplay' - simulate injuries
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alonCFC has discovered the General Forums. God help us.alonCFC has discovered the General Forums. God help us.

Originally Posted by CocoBZ View Post
Hmmm... probably not, but you gave me a great idea: what if in ML we can sometimes bribe the ref so that he takes unfair decisions against the other team? But if this happens too often you risk a fine or even lose some points. Main idea - 'ML'-bribe the ref
Are you serious? If you are really seriously thinking about this you are not a soccer fan. FIFA and other organizations are trying their best to get rid of this shit and it will only do bad if this will be in a soccer game that millions of people play.

Originally Posted by CocoBZ View Post
Another suggestion, for gameplay this time - you should be able to simulate an injury so that the ref gives you a foul; but if you don't do it right, you will be booked for simulation.

Main idea: 'Gameplay' - simulate injuries
What's up with you? You like it when in real games you see those fucking annoying cheaters? You like to see players go down and then back again just as the ball comes to them? I like seeing them stand up after the reff pulls out the yellow card. In fact, I want more punishing and maybe a suspention for one game after looking at the tape.

Also, after the addition of dives and shirt pulling last year at first it was funny and all but it realy is shit that a game encourages this shit football (maybe less with the shirt pulling).

And for the reff issue- I had this idea which in my opinion will solve all these.

There will be 4 types of referees:
1- super ref, makes all the choices right and never makes mistakes.
2- hard ref- calles for every little foul and gives a penalty for small pushing in the boxand goes hard with cards.
3- fluid ref- lets the game flow, doesnt call for every push like you have now, stopes the game only when neccesary and goes easy with cards.
4- realistic ref- a combination of the tough and easy refs, sometimes makes mistakes and sometimes makes good calles, can let offside sometimes.
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CocoBZ is an unknown

^Of course I don't like these things, but they are real and we must pay attention to them, too. And, as I said, I want these to be risky.
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Barca FC
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Barca FC is an unknown

More Improvements


1. Bring back the Back Line function - which was removed as a tactic. In my opinion, Backline should make the defenders maintain their line more effectively, unlike the current option where it simply implies how far up the pitch the backline plays. Implementing this change would greatly balance the game with better defenses for human players.

2. AI teammates - The AI has a far too influential role in PES overall, but in defense this becomes a serious problem. When ever a Left/Right back (controlled by a human player) is out of position, or is chasing a striker the AI teammates will always pull a Central defender out of position to assist even if there is a striker running into the box.

AI teammates - Have terrible defensive discipline and on too many instances, wingers are always left free at the far post to header crosses.

3. Bring back Zone Marking - This option was very effective in helping human players defend. The man-marking system used in PES works effectively when implemented by AI but is not as useful for human players. Zone marking option is required.

In addition, because of Man Marking, too often defenders are pulled out of position by the movement of superior players.

Summary - The AI controlled teammates are often caught out in situations where it must decide between providing assistance to another defender and releasing the player it is marking. This has resulted in many goals the human player is powerless to avert. The AI has far too much influence and its growing presence in recent editions of Pro have continued to resulted in games which are unbalanced. It is difficult enough to win the game without having to worry about the AI.
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Jasperinho is an unknown

I would like to see the option back to purchase an additional difficulty level with PES points or to automatically get it after beating the highest level 50+ times or so.. PES gets easy after a few months as you learn how to circumvent the AI (at least that is very easy in PES 2009, where you just twist and turn and make some shot faints with a fast player and easily make rushes from your own half)

Under sounds in the first post, I would like to add that it would be good if the chants could be a little bit longer than the current length as they get a bit repetitive after a while

Under animations in the first post, I would like to add that the sand bags should be removed behind the goals.. This is something from the 1980's. The goalkeepers gloves should also be handled like shoes are handled: official gloves and different options should be available..
Johan Cruijff, filho de Deus
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StuLinney is an unknown

The Community Mode expanding onto the Next-Gen consoles (only on PS2 version). Nothing better than being able 2 see your mates faces when U crush 'em. And 4 it 2 stay on record is EVEN better.
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Robertinho is an unknown

My ideas:

REFEREES:Improved moving around the pitch as they now look like KONAMI was watching RAMBO or FINAL FANTASY when they were making referee movement and stance.
-Make that he doesnt book for every foul that is made.
-Referees should book for touching ball with hand because i have seen that many times but no one got booked for playing with hand.
-Referees should allow advantage to team who made a foul in attack and book after that attack passes.

PITCH:I would like that 3d grass is implemented everytime and not only that you see it in cutscenes(like when you get fouled/or you foul).
In PES 09 when goalkeepeer was taking goalkick grass was like some plain surface-camera should be closer and moved lower so that you would look Gk almost from the ground.
-Also I would like to see that pitch after some time of playing perish/being destroyed like in real world,maybe destroy isnt a good word know what i mean.
-This is something minor for reality that i would like to see included and that is when you tackle that grass winds through the air,and something that was in previous series so when you fall down or you tackle someone you should get dirty like it was before.
-Make that logos for every club are shown on each side of the pitch in the start of the game just like in real life(Primera division etc....)like it was in pes 06.

-Make that we can select different pitch patterns like in previous versions

CHANTS AND SUPPORTERS:PES 06 had good atmosphere and i would like that KONAMI includes that.So flares,transparents,different chants(unique for bigger teams)-it is said that these would be included.Differents sounds of drumms,trumps and most of all i would like that supporters animations are fixed.

WEATHER/SEASONS:I would like that different types of weather are included,not like now only rainy and shiny.
So winter season should come back(snowy and shini winter days),autumn(brezzy days,with fog etc),blowing wind-grass is moving on wind as player shirts,corner flags(rapidly),rain is falling sharply etc.Ability to select custom weather-so when you do that your weather is changing from rainy to sunny etc.

ANIMATIONSifferent unique types of animations for every player-its said also that it is included but will see.
So not all players should have same animations like now,so messi or c.ronaldo are making same movements(except c.ronaldos cowboy stance)as walcott for instance.
Give back that when it is winter that you can see hot gasp/air leaving players mounths.
Also new tackling animations and animations of players shirt blowing on wind,something that i really would like is that when you pull other player for kit that its kit raises up and that you can see his undershirt.

Like here:

This trailer showed some very good animations and smooth gameplay as trick with passing ball with heel in air that i would like in future games.

Players should have improved animations and wider selection of goal celebrationg styles.
I would like that you allow animations like spitting as many players do that(I wouldnt want for that to be example to people but...)
Also as we all saw that certain players(leaders/captains on pitch)like lucio or olivier kahn have gestures like moving with hand so other players would go forward....etc.

-What about adding animation that when it is heavy raining,that actual pitch can be flooded with water,and then when you shoot the ball,or ball falls onto it water sprinkles like in real world,also when you slide,ball on that terrain should be slow and stop very quick,also when it is heavy raining I would like that your football kit becomes wet and clung onto players body,maybe you can make that your hair can get wet.
-When player gets tackled he should make painful grimace,players who score the goal should have celebration like jumping on adboard....

PLAYERS GEAR-For this I would like to see included changing players socks styles like-totti has socks deep down to ankle,some players like adebayor... have socks above knee etc..
Also kneck warmers.....
Goalkeeper gloves should be proportional and look more realistic so it doesnt look like it is from final fantasy.

Captains armband also looks weird and should be redone.
Like here:

See also this:
its too corpulent for my taste its should be more slim.

Make that if weather is bad players are likely to wear long sleves etc.,especially for Brazilians and Africans because they are not used to winter.
-Players shorts are too big for my taste,something like this would be better

GAMEPLAY-Improved gameplay,with improved AI,and player one on one shots so that when drogba or somebody else is going onto my goal in one on one situation with my goal keepeer isnt so likely to miss.I would like that you improve ability when you are trying to lob or shoot ball by ground when you are 1 on 1 with keeper.
360 degree movement is a must be for pes 2010-360 degree movement should be fundament for PES 2010 and all other Pes series,because PES was once known for its gameplay realism and many fans like me dont care about graphics and other stuff if the gameplay doesnt see "major" improvement.

This is a example of 360 degree movement

-Goalkeepers shouldnt freeze although they have a chance to sweep or pick up the ball,and fix this issue because goalkeeper freezes in moment when i am trying to counter attack.
-Easyer chipping goalkeeper when running.
-For the next installement of PES i am suggesting that you take in consideration 2 things-360 degree movement and EUPHORIA ENGINE-because it would revolutionarise game gameplay and this would be excellent combination for next pes.

-Remove a.i scripting like auto tackling and auto sweeping because game in that way looks robotised and with less freedom.
-Defenders should run as fast as any other player they are running too slow even with sprint button pressed.
-Make that player who is taking throw-in is turning faster because now its to slow to turn on any side so that is hilarious.
-Dont make overpowered teams like Juventus,Barcelona....where all players are running and playing like on steroids.

GRAPHIC:Improved graphic of stadiums,wider selection of stadiums,and player faces and bodies-attention should be oriented mainly towards player bodies because bodies shapes and physics dont match real ones.
So better musculature,legs should be more sinewy,also shape of bodies should be more relevant towards real ones.

I would like that when you have throw in that small radius is shown for few seconds around the spot where you are throwing the ball,so you are able to know how long some player can throw the ball.

Fix that defenders are soo slow even when running because in real life they are runng fast as any other player it depends of player not positio he plays.

Better managment of players and competitive and challenging way of transfering players.So that it doesnt come to moving ibrahimovic or other bigger class players to some lower class IF that club doesnt meet his expectations about club/league reputation,and finances.
But if you win master league or get enough money players like him should be willing to come.

CAMERA:Please fix the camera,even when you put the camera to wide>long it is still too close,so make farther view of pitch and players when selecting this option.

Add camera tilting-custom camera so that we can move it around and zoom in/out like we want.

-When showing replays slow down ball and players so that it looks better.

-Put more slots for saving replays.

-Remove invisible barrier when trying to zoom out when watching corner replay.

Return possibility to play against some other team when choosing free training option.

ONLINE-better support for lan,and online playing(1 vs 1,2 vs 2..)

MODES:Get back setting our own tournaments to be able to enjoy with our friends.

Pes shop should be redone so that it has some meaning to game.So I would suggest that everything in game is locked except few thingsexibition,online,one stadium,ball,and one boots)and for others you have to play for.
Things to unlock:Classic kits,new nets,new balls,gloves,boots,third kits,old boots from 50s,60s...etc,pitch patterns,classic teams,champions league,master league,game difficulties,cups,leagues etc....-champions league,master league and other important things would require few money to buy it.
Add pictures for everything you would like to buy.





-LONG PANTS-especially if the winter as a season is implemented.


-Power gauges for goalkeepers and remove invisible barriers at throw-ins

-Put more tricks in game

That would be all from me.

I hope that you would not mind because of my long post,and that these ideas will be included as many others.

Thank you
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Gerardinho is an unknown

Hi All!

Hello everyone, I'm Gerardinho. I've been gathering some ideas that I'd posted in another site, which I have just find out not to be one of those that Konami's monitoring for suggestions (it's, btw). So I'll put them all here. I apologise beforehand for the lenght of the post(s), but they'll be exactly like the ones posted at the other site. Greetings from Argentina


-This is the section for things you need to correct or put back in the game:

# Players' shorts shouldn't be so wide (the lenght is good, though, but they're unfitting as regards their width)
# We should be able (again) to choose the lenght of the players' socks and the way they use their shirts (tucked/untucked). Plus the option of adding earring protectors to our players was pretty cool
# Snow should be an available climatic option
# Goalkeepers' gloves shouldn't be so big (they're like 3 sizes bigger than they're supposed to be)
# When a player is taken out of the field because he's injured, there's no need for us to see him sitting by the line as if he's meditating or something
# When the injured player gets back into the field, it would be cool if he's shown entering in a little screen at the bottom left of the screen instead of using a fullscreen cinematic (dunno if you understood me :S, like it was in pes08 -i think-)
# Besides having the audience made in full 3d models, you could include also those cinematics of close-ups to some members of the audience (again, as in pes08)
# Please, leave the left analog stick ONLY for movement and put the special moves back in the right analog stick. It's very annoying to perform Zidane's 360º move when we don't want to
# The comments, for the love of god PLEASE change the comments! At least bring new people to do them. Oh and also don't recycle the comments we've been hearing since pes4. Record some new ones please! And make them more accurate, for example each player should have 2-3 different comments. It wouldn't hurt you either to make comments appear more often (i've played 10min in total silence sometimes). It would also be great if at match's intros they speak a little about the clubs that will take part on it, etc
# Bring back the dutch league, so we don't have to modify "Other teams B-C" to have it
# Put back the option of pre-defined hairstyles and faces (on next-gen versions it's not present) at "Edit Player"
# Please make PES-SHOP return, but keep some unlockable things for the different tournaments
# Referee's decisions should be revisited: in many times a player gets a red card for a foul that never existed (the ball was touched first)
# The function of the "O" (circle) when defending should be ONLY "sliding tackle" and no the other thing players do sometimes (they stand in an open-legged way and seem to be aiming at breaking the opponent's ankle instead of stealing the ball from him)
# The function of "X" when defending is for a slight pressure, right? then why my player often performs a sliding tacke that knocks the rival down when i press X, specially inside the penalty area?
# When the goalkeeper is kicking the ball or passing it with his hands, we should be able to pass it to whoever we want, not only to the ones the game wants us to pass it to

-And here i'll list things you can add to make of pes 2010 a more enjoyable (and realistic) gaming experience

* Goalkeepers should be able to wear long trousers (it's getting more and more common to see them wearing these)
* Players should be able to have bandages in their hands (such as the one Manchester United's player Patrice Evra had for a long time last season)
* Coach and players at the bench should be seen at all instances of the game and not only on replays
* The game desperately needs more stadiums, boots and balls (here's an idea, they could be unlocked at the PES-SHOP)
* If we make players in bad conditions (you know, with the grey/violet arrow pointing down) play, they could be likely to get an injured muscle from a sprint or a long run
* Speaking of sprinting, i think it should be limitated: the player (any of them) should be able to sprint for some time, but then he should get "tired" and run normally for a while, until he gets well again
* At free kicks, we should be able to choose the amount of steps the player takes before shooting (more steps = more power). It's either that or making the players have 2 types of "stadings" before shooting (a shorter, more precise one, and a longer one, which could be used to perform long distance shots)
* At free kicks, we should be able to have a third shooter who will stop the ball again after being moved by the second shooter, so the first shooter can shoot from a different position (is that ok? just like it is now, using L1 + X to make the 2º striker touch the ball, but with a third one that would stop the ball again, making it be in a different position than the one the ball was when placed for the free kick)
* At free kicks, we should be able to choose who is going to block the shot (in the row of players, i don't know the english for it) and we should be able to move the row sideways (as in FIFA)
* At corner kicks, we should be able to have a 2º striker who would pretty much have the same funcion as the 3º striker in free kicks (stop the ball after getting it so the 1º striker can shoot from a different angle)
* At throw-ins, we should be able to control not the player that holds the ball, but the one that will receive it (pretty much like FIFA). This way we can get rid of our rival or change to other player besides the two that are standing next to the thrower
* At penalties, we should have the power bar and be able to shoot as Zidane did against Italy at World Cup 06 (that kind of vaseline shot, you know)
* When we get a yellow/red card, we should be able to yell to the referee or something simmilar (avoiding phisical violence, of course)
* As someone already said, climate should be dynamic (rain could stop/start and the sun could come out again within the same match, etc)
* The Champions League, now that it's licensed, could be present at Master League as well (in fact, i thought it was going to be like this in pes09. Not that it was going to be another playing mode)
* At Master League we should be able to "borrow" players (i don't know the english for that term, when you get a player although you didn't buy it, so he stays in your team for the rest of the season -is it "lease"?) but then have the choice of aquire ("buy") them when the "lease" is over
* At ML, player's skills should mantain for more years (abilities start dropping when they're relatively young sometimes)
* When the goalkeeper passes the ball using his hands, we should have a power bar so as to reach players that are further
* The teams' rosters should have more players: include more players from reserves
* It is obvious to ask for more teams and leagues, everyone wants this. But it ocurred to me that you could include sub-23 or sub-20 (in some cases) national teams.
* Since I'm Argentinian, I'd love it if you placed my country's league, of course :P
* The difference between "big" teams and "small" teams shouldn't be so pronounced. The same for the difference between players


* At free kicks, a little circle could appear, showing the distance at which the wall should be (as in the Italian league's matches). This and the addition of an arrow showing the distance between the player and the goal would be awesome
* The wall should be able to take little steps forward, as all the walls in the world do before a free kick
* As someone already stated, we should be able to create/edit logos for the players' pants and socks (many teams' socks have their names or the logo of the brand on them)
* When you score from a long distance (lets say, 25mts or further), the speed of the shot and the distance the player was could be shown at replays (along with the line that showed the ball's way to goal -that rainbowish track left by the ball as in pes6 and previous games)
* Players asking for offside (raising their hands) could be mistaken every once in a while (like in real matches). In current PESs, everytime the defense raise their hands, our striker is offside. Likewise, the referee or linemen could mark offside when there isn't or not mark it when in fact there is. Referees are not perfect
* Back to teams, we should be able to choose a 3rd/alternative kit for our teams. Or better, infinite kits (1st and 2nd could be original, and others could be added by us through editing)
* The option of combining 1st kit's shirts with 2nd kit's socks or pants should be back. That was great on PES5 (having Juventus playing with the black/white shirt and red pants was hilarious)
* The difference between being home or visitor should be greater. I mean the audience should be more harsh on visitors. It is already, but the booing and whistling should increase
* It would be interesting if players could "remember" their previous clubs, so when they score against them, they wouldn't do any kind of celebration
* This could also happen with the audience: supporters of a player's previous team could boo him when he plays against it
* When we take out a player that played really well, the audience could do a standing ovation for him. This could also happen when we put the star/favourite player of the team (Liverpool = Gerrard / ManU = Giggs / Real Madrid = Raul, etc)
* If a player is having a great match, audience could start screaming his name to encourage him
* A "street mode" could be added, as mentioned before
* Master League should have a Manager mode, in which you're not the team but its coach, and you can be fired and hired by another "bigger" clubs. You can start little and then climb up
* We should be able to play also as a center/side back at "Be a Legend" mode
* A "Be a referee" mode could be added :P
* As part of adding stadiums, there could be some "non-official" courts, like backyards, streets or fields at parks. Also put a closed court, please (as in that FIFA for Snes)
* We should be able to import our music to the game. But I wouldn't like to copy my music to a folder of the game, I would be duplicating the space my music occupies. It would be better if we only need to set the directory of our music in the game. Then, when payed, we could be able to see a tag appearing with the name of the song/artist/album
* Some pitchs could be in bad conditions sometimes (dry/muddy spots for example), or pitch's condition could be selected before the match
* We should be able to create new teams, and not be limited to edit existing ones. The quantity of them should be infinite, and if we could group them to make a new league, it would be great. The same with players, I would like there to be no limited quantity of players to create. We could have the options of singing the created player when we are creating them, and not having to look for him at the "non-signed" section once we are finish creating him
* When we use the "search" option to look for a player (and to see if he already exists or need to be created), the game could show us the team he plays for. This way signins would be easier
* At "edit player", we should be able to see not only the players' numeric stats but also their "shape" (you know, the little 6-sided geometric form formed by AT-DEF-TEC-VEL-STA-STR that we see when changing our team's formation)
* The national teams' kits should be original, or at least we could be able to make them look simmilar to the original at Edit mode. Also, could we have the option of removing the little flag of the national uniforms? Or instead of the flags, the logo of every country's football association could be placed
* Add again the "random" option to choose stadiums. Because now, if we don't go back to main menu after a friendly match, we always play at the same stadium (for ex, when we choose "back to select team" after a match is over)
* Fix the "random" option for climate/time of day: sometimes it never rains, or we never play at night
* In the PC version, could there be a PC interface? with key names or our joysticks buttons instead of the xBox one. If this is too much to ask, could you at least use the PlayStation interface? it's much more known and familiar than the xBox one
* Speaking about graphics, could hair have more movement? PES09's one was a good start, but I think in PES2010 it should be better. I would also like to see when the defender grabs the attacker's shirt from a long range, and not only on replays or with a close camera
* Rain needs a change, it does NOT look good. Plus it should have different intensities: it does not rain with the same intensity all the time. And the difference between a dry/wet/snowy pitch should be more noticeable
* The goalkeeper should have a bottle of water next to the goal and a towel hanging from the net (as real goalkeepers have)
* By the court, there should be photogaphers and policemen who are not made of cardboard (get it? off with 2D models already! Please!). It would also be cool if we could see TV cameras following the ball
* At celebrations, photographers should gather near the scorer to take pics of him (maybe pics that we can later see at the match highlights in form of newspaper covers, with little comments by some journalist)
* Coaches, if not the real ones, should at least LOOK like the real ones. At PES09, ManU has a black, grey-haired man! It would rock if we could create/edit coaches as well, and then sign them to the teams
* Corner flags should be like the originals, with the club's logo
* When editing hairstyles, we should be able to choose a wide piece of cloth for our players to wear on their heads (I don't know the english for that, but I mean the one Ronaldinho sometimes wears, or Tevez recently)
* We should also be able to choose Cech's "helmet" at hairstyles
* Extra hairstyles should be back, like those in PES4 (the samurai helmet or the horse head were great, but the dog heads of pes6 sucked)
* There should be different buzz cuts patterns (like the things Dida or Benzema do to their hair) and more dreadlocks patterns (those that form different shapes at players' heads formed by dreadlocks attached to the head itself)
* When choosing the color of our player's hair, there could be an option for dying some parts of it (the ends, half the head, random pieces of hair, etc)


* When we have a player on offside, we should be able to pass the ball to them but before he gets it, we could change the player with L1 and go get the ball with another one, so as to avoid the offside and take the defenders by surprise
* Players should be able to wear finger bandages (I still don't know what they're for, but I see that many of them wear it)
* Players should get harder injuries, like head cuts or broken bones sometimes. When a player gets a head cut, he should return to the playfield with a big bandage.
* Injured players should make some kind of signal to the bench indicating that they can't go on
* Players wearing long sleeves should be able to have them pulled back, just like C. Ronaldo does
* Players should react more quickly to the commands we give them through the controls
* Talking with my friends, they suggested some kind of mini-Master league inside a custom league/cup, in which we are able to buy new players or exchange players between the teams in the league (which would be the favourite teams of the people playing). We could also get points/money from the matches won and the goals scored, just like in ML. I think this would add a lot to offline playing as well as to online playing
* The speed is OK, don't change it please. Or you can add the option of choosing the speed in which we want to play, as we can do in the older versions (PS1 versions)
* When an oponnent is running towards our goal, TWO of our own players (the one we control and one controlled by the AI) go and try to get him, leaving one oponnent alone to receive the ball and score
* Training challenges should return, as well as a tutorial for new moves and an explanation of who and how the tricks are done. We could get points to unlock things at PES-shop by beating training challenges
* A free-kick contest could be added as a mini game. It would absolutely rock!!!
* When an oponnent is running on the sides, our defender should put his hands behind his back so as to avoid getting the ball hit with his hands when the oponnent takes a shot. Many defenders (in real life) do this
* At free-kicks, we should be able to choose the way our player is going to shoot (with the internal part for a curling shot or the upper part of the foot for a strong, direct strike). Add this to my suggestion of selecting how many steps back the shooter should take and we'd have the perfect way to customize free-kick taking
* From time to time, the game could show the coach, substitutes or supporters (maybe a pretty girl) to add realism and a feeling of being watching the game on TV
* That reminded me: when the Champions League anthem is playing, the kids holding the football-shaped flag at the center of the field do not start waving it, they just stand there! I thought this was because the game was running at Medium details, but now I have it in High level of graphics and it's still the same. What's up with this?
* The screen shouldn't fade to black before thorw-ins, corner kicks or free kicks. at corners we should be able to see the taker go and take the ball, and at thorw-ins, some assistant/ball-boy could fetch us the ball, or the player himself could go and get it (maybe arguing with an opponent who went to do the same believing the trow-in was for them). These scenes could be skipped by pressing X or Start. Also, players should not get immediately back to their possitions after a corner kick that wasn't a goal ended up in a throw-in/indirect free-kick for the other team (after a fade-to-black situation)
* Besides classic national teams, there could be some classic teams like Barcelona with Guardiola and those fantastic players, ManU with Roy Keane and Cantona, etc.
* When we make substitutions, we should be able to see the player who's going to enter the field moving at the side of the court
* When the ball goes out of the field, or when the paramedics are aiding a player, the game could show some game highlight(s). Again, if this bothers the player, he/she could be able to skip the scene with X or Start
* Highlights should be showed randomly, not only after the play itself (again, when the ball gest out the field, or if there's a substitution. It could also show a player's goal if he's the one being taken out of the field)
* Every once in a while there should be a very strong tackle, like kicks on the ankle, knee, back, or even the chest!)
* Rene Higuita, the colombian goalkeeper, should be able to do his characteristic move ("the scorpion" - rejecting the ball with his feet above his head). Maybe some goal keepers with high Technique stats could do it also .
* An injured player could start limping and then throw himself to the ground when injured
* Serious injuries (you know, those which last from 5 weeks on, the ones with a red cross) should happen more often. Since I'm playing PES09 I have seen none of them

OK, that's all I've been thinking of these months. Thank you for this oportunity. CU
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[QUOTE=Trevi;1486728]Game play:

Master League:

Better transfers. Being able to use the other league B section. Manager mode. More difficulty levels. Real currency. Bigger player database. Include Champions League an European League.

How about making Master League for 2 players.
I wish I could play ML with my little brother, with transfers etc. Similar to NHL 09, where u can trade hockey players and play with ur own team together in the league. This would be like a dream come true.
I realise though how difficult it could be, but just a suggestion.
If this happens though, I will donate 100 quid to GreenPeace or RedCross or something, no kidding.
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Ideas a Plenty

I wrote this to KONAMI mid-2008 and edited it a bit in December 2008 before sending it off - so I know that it is a bit old and some of my ideas are repeated, but I think there are lots of ideas in there. I have edited it a bit now. Sorry for the length. Oh and I've been playing since 2003 and I'll never go back to FIFA as this is the only true simulation of football!

To the great programmers at Konami

(I did write [type] this letter well before PES 2009 came out so I have made changes/additions where necessary but please forgive any improvements that I have missed out)

Every year I receive great enjoyment from the Pro Evolution football series. It’s the most realistic representation and simulation of the game and is not matched by any other series in the genre. I understand that some people prefer FIFA’s large number of licensed teams, but for any true footballer Pro Evo is the best.

Every year there are certain aspects of the games, minor shortfalls, which nag at me. So this year I have decided to email my constructive input so that you guys can make the game even better.

(Just a quick note that I want to make is FIFA’s new moving kits are a big plus in the game so hopefully Konami can create something similar for 2010.)

Now to the shortfalls that I find every year:

1 The invisible barriers for players during some set pieces.
2 The number of kits and the way they are selected.
3 The number of balls, stadiums and boots.
4 The number of teams, leagues and competitions in the game.
5 The commentary
6 Minor improvements

1 The gameplay in PES is great. 2009 seems to be more realistic than ever with the defences a lot stronger and more intelligent I am finding Top Player to be a challenge this year! The only problem with gameplay is still the rigidity during set pieces. At kickoff all the players are in the same spot every time, they do not move around and the kickoff always goes back to the right. Throw ins still have the same set up with opponents not being able to come within a certain radius of the throw in. If the ‘invisible barriers’ could be taken away and the players positions varied slightly it would enhance the realism even more.

2 Every year the teams are limited to two kits and you can only select one or the other. I think it would appeal to fans if teams were allowed to have up to 4 kits with the shirts, shorts and socks being separate so that you can mix and match as the teams do in real life (it would also help with some kit clashing in the game). The keepers can still have their two kits, but I think the player should be able to choose which kit the keeper is wearing too.

Another point for the kits which links to the competitions is the competition badge on the sleeve and the shirt numbers. For example - a team like Liverpool will use the premier league numbers and badge for English league and cup games, but for the Champions League (CL) they use the adidas numbers and CL badge. It would be nice if players could select these options before games. A simple menu above the player models (like the ones in ProEvo 2008) could be used:

Shirt : 1st/2nd/3rd/4th (cycles item on model)
Shorts : 1st/2nd/3rd/4th (cycles item on model)
Socks : 1st/2nd/3rd/4th (cycles item on model)
Badge: : (cycles through different competition badges showing name and picture)
Number : (cycles through different number designs showing name and design)
Keeper : 1st/2nd (cycles kit on model)

Eg: Liverpool

Shirt : 1st (Red)
Shorts : 1st (Red)
Socks : 1st (Red)
Badge: : English PL/ FA Cup/ English Cup/ Champions League/ Uefa Cup
(these are all badges that could be used by English teams)
Number : EPL/ adidas
Keeper : 1st

3 Every year there are +-10 balls, +-10 boots and +-15 stadiums and users cannot create new balls, boots or stadiums. I understand that stadiums may be large files to create, but new games now are up to 8 or 12 GB’s so I think a larger database should be able to handle a decent amount of stadiums. This goes for the boots and balls too - there should be no limit for these items.

The stadiums could be linked to countries so that a user could have a World Cup in Italy and only Italian stadiums would be used.

There are lots of features that would benefit from this improvement!

4 Every year there are the same number of leagues and teams. FIFA boasts many more teams and leagues including multiple leagues for countries. Increasing the number of leagues and teams would make the game a lot more popular. I know that Pro Evo does not have a lot of licenses, but users could be allowed 20 or 30 different leagues of up to 4 divisions for example or maybe just 100 divisions. Then a user could have 1 league with 6 divisions and another with just 2 divisions. This would allow for users to have full working league systems for all of the major leagues in Europe - England, Spain, Portugal, France, Germany, Turkey, Russia, Scotland, Italy, Greece and then create their favourite leagues - Brazil, Mexico, MLS for example.

It would also be a good idea to include all national teams so that all international competitions could be played like the real thing - European Cup, African Cup, etc.

To accommodate this, the team selection menu would need to change. A simple system like the one below would work:

International/Club: (followed by example)

International  Choose Continent  Choose Team

International  South America  Brazil

Club  Choose Country  Choose Division  Choose Team

Club  England  League 1  Mansfield Town

The leagues will need to be fully customisable. Users would need to select how many teams are in the league, how many promotion/relegation spots there are, which competitions (linked to the country) that league plays in, which teams qualify for European competitions (for example), the name of the league, the badge for that league (for the team’s shirts), etc. Obviously the leagues would need to be ordered so that relegated/promoted teams go to the correct league.

I mentioned competitions above - these could also be created to be associated with clubs (national or continental) or countries (continental or international). For example, a player could create the ‘English League Cup’ and associate it with only the English Premier League and Championship whereas the FA Cup is played by all English teams. So again the leagues would need to be fully customisable so that users can create all of the unlicensed content.

When a player would want to play a cup a menu such as the one below could be used:

International/Club: (followed by example)

International  Continental/International  Choose Competition

International  Continental  Euro Championship

Club  National/Continental  (If national) Choose Country  Choose Competition

Club  National  Italy  Italian Cup

The leagues and competitions should also be linked to their ball and the TV logos. So a Champions League match would use the adidas teamgeist with the Cl logo on it and the scoreboard in the top left corner would be the CL one (now PES has the CL license so you’re going in the right direction!). This would make competition seem more authentic and would make long seasons feel less repetitive with scoreboards for each competition.

Another addition could be different referee kits. So the adidas ref kit could be associated with the CL and World Cup, but the Diadorra kit could be used in Italian leagues and competitions and the Umbro kit for England. It would also add to the realism of different leagues.

Perhaps a referee kit selection could be included before games. This would have two benefits:

1 – Players would be able to use any referee kit for their exhibition matches.
2 – It would avoid the kit clashing that sometimes happens between the referee and one team

5 The lack of in depth commentary is sometimes disappointing. Even though not all of the teams have their stadium represented in the game, maybe the name should be used if the player has selected the game to be at the home team’s stadium. So if its Fulham vs Everton but a generic stadium is used as Fulham’s default it would be nice to hear something like “Welcome to Craven Cottage for today’s game…”

The number of generic player names could also be increased so that the created players do not always remain nameless in the game.

Perhaps players could be given a first and second name in commentary so sometimes they’ll say “Henry with the cross…” and other times “Thierry Henry with the shot…” Increasing the database like this may also alleviate the problem in the previous paragraph.

I don’t know if it is simple, but I have used programmes where a word is typed in and a voice says the word. Some words had to be spelled differently to get the correct pronunciation, but it always worked. Perhaps this could be done with the commentator’s voice and then any name would be available. It would also help when creating teams and naming their stadiums.

The players could also be given actual dates of birth. Using the current calendar (or the date in the season while playing a league) the commentator could use the age as some sort of highlight. For example - “This player has really grown in skill over the years…” or “It’s not often you see so much skill at such a young age in a player”

6 The new continuous play with the quick free kicks is a great addition! I thought it would add more to the realism if more aspects of the game such as goal kicks, corner kicks and throw-ins could follow the same process. It would allow for more random positions at plays and a quick throw-in or corner could add to attacking advantages. In 2009 I have noticed that for goal kicks the players are right outside the box if they were in the box before the ball went out so this is a step in the right direction.

Players should be able to choose the players involved in set pieces. I am a Spurs fan and find it irritating when I have Lennon and Keane in the box for a corner instead of my big defenders that have high heading skill such as King, Dawson and Woodgate. It would mirror the real game more accurately if players could choose target men that would go up for corners and attacking free kicks.

It is also irritating when your right side midfielder comes to defend a throw in on the left and visa versa and the players are out of position.

Every game has the same intro music (I noticed two different ones for 2008 entrance scenes). It would be great if music could be associated with leagues, competitions and even teams (mainly for the international teams I suppose).

I like the new crowd with their swirling scarves and other animations, but sometimes 5000 fans are doing the same thing at the same time. It would look a bit better if they had different timing and if not everyone was swirling their scarf.

Long names on kits often overlap on the kit where they shouldn’t. Perhaps some sort of boundary could be used on name places on the back of kits so that the name curves more to fit or shrinks to fit depending on the style that kit uses. For instance, some teams have straight names like Arsenal that would need to shrink the name (Adebayor), others have semi-circular names like Tottenham Hotspur that would need to curl the name more (and perhaps shrink it too)(Malbranque). Also, the fact that only letters can be used on the shirts makes names like Eto’o impossible to create.

My last suggestion is to make the managers now seen on the sidelines the actual managers. Its not a big issue though, but would be great if you could see them with their nuances - Alex Ferguson looking stern, chewing his gum for example. I love the fact that I can see my subs on the bench and would enjoy it even more if the actual manager was there talking to the players and staff. And, last point, perhaps the substitutes’ bibs could be the real ones made by manufacturers (nike, adidas) and could also not clash with the opponents (it would be even better if the teams could wear their tracksuits but then that’s a whole new kit!)

I think that is enough complaining from me! I hope that you can use some of these suggestions.

Keep up the great work!!
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