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CYPES has discovered the General Forums. God help us.CYPES has discovered the General Forums. God help us.CYPES has discovered the General Forums. God help us.

Présentation CYPES

Hello, we are CYPES (CustomYourPES), a french group of OF for PS3.

We exist since 2009, and we've become « famous » among the french-speaking community, being active every year and having made several customized option files, including leagues from Ligue 2, Bundesliga, Championship and more, to even teams from African countries (which was unique).

It led us to be known by Konami themselves, even if we can't change the game to improve it like we would like too, ahah. Our website, formerly active, is actually down as we look forward to create a new one, that would be a big wiki-like database of modifications found on the multiple existing forums, making it a useful centralized and organized database like no one else at the moment. So by the way, if anyone of you is interested in helping us build that, it would be a huge pleasure !

Being part of the worldwide PES community, we are pleased to share with you our work and teams, we hope you will enjoy it, and we are available if there's anything we can do.

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