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I would like to see:

Nothing above PA1 online (And PA1 should be a hell of a lot looser), so bored of the ping pong spammers on PA3 who literally can't give the ball away due to the assisted passing.

Better defensive AI. Make players track attacking runners, stop defenders standing and watching crosses that go an inch above their head when I am hitting square to head clear, stop my defenders taking 4 steps in the wrong direction to give the striker an easy one on one chance. Stop weighting everything in the attacking side of the game, a defender stood in front of a striker for a low cross should be able to clear it, the striker should not be given priority as happens at the moment..

Better player switching, especially around the box when there are rebounds or crosses, defenders are always a mile behind on the player switching on crosses due to the attacking player switching to the recipient automatically, this needs much improvement..

Extra editable teams and leagues or better yet, create custom leagues and teams with a hell of a larger creatable player count. Let those leagues then be put in as 2nd or even 3rd divisions and let the option file creators go crazy. Would love an ML going from League 2 to the Premiership!

Many more kit slots, import slots and give us the choice of having a 2nd keeper kit and let us choose both outfield and keeper kits before games so there are no more clashes!

Less grind in MyClub to get GP but black ball players need to be a lot rarer.. Give people the chance to improve their squads but it should be a slow process like MLO used to be, small improvements each time. So bored of seeing everyone have a black ball side immediately because they spent their parents money on coins and bought 3 players of the week and a heap of featured players each time.. Make us work for a while to get a better squad, it should be an achievement to make it to a 5 star squad, not just be handed to everyone from the off.

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Buckshot is starting to get recognised at the PESGaming weekly breakfastBuckshot is starting to get recognised at the PESGaming weekly breakfastBuckshot is starting to get recognised at the PESGaming weekly breakfastBuckshot is starting to get recognised at the PESGaming weekly breakfast

Originally Posted by GaleKast View Post
I believe you can do that if you set up the Konami Cup. I might be wrong but I believe it allows you to do a mini league of some description! I might be thinking of 2018 but I doubt they would have taken it out. We definitely did this last year offline at my house with about 6 of us.
You still can do it PES 2019. I have Classic World Cups and Classic Leagues I am playing with my Classic Option Files.
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