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Old school customs, no skill player

Hello all,

I have been compulsively customizing teams since the days of ISS 98. Back then you were randomly given a certain amount of potential attribute points every time that you wanted to create a player. You had to restart the Create Player process about 100x in a row just to get enough potential skill points to create someone decent, and worst of all, they didn't show you how many points you had until after you had entered the player's name and chosen a face. Getting enough points to create an all 99 player was a one-in-a-million occurrence, and when you got one, you kept them. I think I ended up with an all 99s Claudio Caniggia.

Anyway... now that I have been alive for several decades, and the technology has significantly improved, I decided it was time to create one giant patch with all of the best teams from my lifetime (that I can at least remotely remember). I posted the PES Time Machine patch in the Completed Option files forum.

I probably wont try to do that again for a while. If I do it will be to try to get it done during the lifespan of PES 2020. I will definitely be around here to see what everyone else is posting though.
Also, like I mentioned in the title, I am a pretty terrible PES player. So maybe I can work on my game. All of my friends are all-FIFA-forever.

Glad to be here,

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