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prabi has discovered the General Forums. God help us.prabi has discovered the General Forums. God help us.

FIFA WC 2010 SA review from a hardcore PES fan !

THIS IS A BASIC REVIEW not going into huge amounts of detail, JUST SIMPLE STUFF.

i just want to get this off my chest .
as every pes fan knows how in recent times , the tables have turned
and fifa is on top , and PES are working on a comeback[i hope]

Ive been a pes fan since the ISS days ever since then , brought every freakin pes game and played the shit out of it . But i have never brought a FIFA game ,, until now , and never played since 98.

I missed FIFA 10. played demo and that was it . But now i decided to get the WC game after playing the demo , so i paid full price for it / trade in with another game.
Played the demo , loved the gameplay and atmosphere , so i got it.

Note , i have pes 10 and am still playing that too! , so i have both.

So this is the first EA soccer game im playing , and so far im having a great great time, i brought espeically for Online experiance, which PES sadly doesant stand up to.
BY the way im playing using PES controls !

im gna be comparing to pes quite a bit .

ok not so good when it comes to player faces , but stadiums and pitch are great. But it is for me ... no where near as good looking as PES,.

7.5/10 FIFAS graphcis have putt me off from playing it alot ! , the way game looks has had a negative effect on me , even the radar isnt as clear on the pes games.

PES Graphics = 9.5/10 i think konami have nailed it .

great animations, great ball physics , great player movment , feels alive, intense matches, can change the speed of the game ! ,
not so many fouls. freedom of play ......! yes what PES once use to have ,

good commentry , however not perfect, but a mile ahead of PES.
atmoshpere stadium effects ARE GRAND !!! konami should seriously see this and implement it , i dont care if they copy it exact.
feels alive ! and creates more tension. Konami need to improve their commentry by a substanital amount.

you have normal exhibiton , online WC which i got this game for , you take a team to group stages and then advance , great stuff !!
story of qualifying , which is not so bad.
But online WC for me nails it ! . not much lag or response problems[at all],

WHAT IS MISSING !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

ok there is some small amounts of individuality in this game , but very small. sometimes i think this may be the one spot where EA will never be able to Nail.
where as PES have this in the games blood ! , and just need to work on animations and gameplay. AND this in fact has me buying PES every year, cuz of it . for me its important. I need to have fear in seeing what my player fittness will look like , cuz it determines the game a lot like real life. , key players its important.
But in FIFA i just cannot find it
, i play anybody i dont seem to be bothered , i have tried , but i just cant notice it , as much as PES.

What konami have to do .
we all know , they need to improve animations. RESPONSE TIMES !!!!!!!..........SIMPLE.
gameplay tweeks are needed . in fact as one suggested , have a completly new engine . PES are not that far from catching up in terms of basic gampley and animations. Player movments and sound. They can do it, im very sure of it , in fact if they try, they can better it . On the past gen they showed us what they could do , its matter of pulling it off again.
I have high hopes for PES 11 , like every year, but i think this year they can do it .

WILL I BE BUYING FIFA 11 .... i doubt it . im very confident that konami can give us a great game this year. saying that .... I AM ENJOYING PES 10 , espeically playing with mates. I dont hate FIFA, its just that i havent played it becasue it hasnt been the better game for the last 10 years or so. But suddenly they have taken the top , well done to them.
Community is an issue , that konami have. But this year ive seen improvments from many fan sites. And konami being more involved with their wolrd wide fan base.


we have some great footie games i beleive , but truth is FIFA EA, have
the upper hand , yes they have the better game, only now that fans like me have noticed flaws in PES [ but never wanted to mention them because we love the game that much , yh you can call us sad] that we look and find the competiton is putting out a great footie game , its only right we give it a try.
and hatts off to EA for doing just that. But im looking foward to the end of this year. Definetly to what PES can do with their next installment.

FIFA WC 2010 for me is an enjoyable game ,and for me probably is the best football game out their !!!! right now topping FIFA 10 with its improved gameplay. EA are showing their superiority[while it lasts] . great fun , enjoyable and i think must be played by any footie fan. However buying it .... full price. If you havent brought FIFA 10 then investing in this is worth it , BUT play the demo first . will it last after the world cup .... i think it might due to the enjoyable online. and general fun , or i might trade it in if i get bored of it . Thus it will be cheaper after the tournement.

i wont give it 10 , because it misses Graphics , and individuality for me is just too important not to be noticeable to the extent , of how the competition[pes] have it .

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alkaser is an unknown

My Dear PES fans,

Here is a 35 years old football crazy gamer who tried football since the Atari to Amiga Kick OFF and Sensible Soccer then to EA FIFAs on early consoles then the to FIFA 1996 on 3DO and then to Winning Eleven.

Whenever I made a move, I get a feeling. A wonderful one. A feeling that can keep you unfocused on any thing in life. I am crazy about football and when I play a game that let me play the game better, I just become happy.

I remember experiencing that feeling three times.

The first was when I moved from 8bit Atari football to AMIGA Kick an Sensible Soccer, countless hours of gaming with AI or friends.

Second was when FIFA 1996 was launched on 3DO. The first 3D football. I only bought the 3DO for that game. I remember not sleeping for two to three days during university times. Skipped lectures. Amazing time it was.

The thirds was in late 90s when I switched to the Wining Eleven on PS1. OMG what a change in game play, I was carrying over my PS bag with me all the times. Even to Hotels during my business trips. This is the last time I lived that feeling.

Between those moments, you just see quite slight improvement to your games year by year but the feeling is not there.

What happened to me? Why I am not enjoying playing football games as I used to have. Maybe it is age or maybe I gave up? All questions on my heads? For any PES launch, I only play the game for 3 months max then give up, why?

I did not try FIFA because I know they suck, they do not have the feeling for Soccer, They have game play issues, FIFA is for kids and so. I remember trying on occasion those FIFA games and they really suck. Last one was FIFA 09 on the PC which I uninstalled one week after.

Last week, I was with my 9 years old son in a store and my son got attracted to FIFA world Cup release on PS3. I tried my best to convince him that FIFA games suck and we will be wasting our money. Well, I failed and I bought the game for him as a reward for completing his 2nd year in school.

He went home and started playing by himself and the expected happened, My son came and said “Dad this game sucks and it is very hard to play, PES 2010 is much better”. Since this was $50 game, I wanted to ensure myself. I played with him. I knew why he did not like it, because you need to know real football to play this game. Running over players with Kaka, Messi, Ronaldo is not the solution here.

Guys I do not want to take Pros and Cons here, there were enough threads.

The FEELING is back. An amazing really amazing football experience. I have total control. I can do what I want with my players. Stuff which I am not ever dreaming of doing in PES. I am not even watching the real World Cup. My friends tried it, they all bought PS3s to play it.

I am happy again…just want to let you know, you maybe want to give it a try or maybe wait for another PES release. Your choice
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L . F . C is starting to get recognised at the PESGaming weekly breakfastL . F . C is starting to get recognised at the PESGaming weekly breakfastL . F . C is starting to get recognised at the PESGaming weekly breakfastL . F . C is starting to get recognised at the PESGaming weekly breakfastL . F . C is starting to get recognised at the PESGaming weekly breakfast

Quite possibly the most boring thing I've ever read. What was the point in even using you time to write such tripe?
Radio Merseyside interviewer to Shankly:
'Mr Shankly, why is it that your teams' unbeaten
run has suddenly ended ... ?'
Shankly: 'Why don't you go and jump in the lake ?'
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