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Master League extreme challenge liverpool season 2

Following up

Season 2

Youth Player promoted
V.Denham Jamaican LWF 65ovr 25yr old. dubbed the new Leon Bailey

Signed Leo Coelho 25yr old Brazilian CB - Free transfer

Sold - F.Erikson 29yr old Swedish CB 63ovr to Pro Vercelli for 270,130 - no replacement bought as yet

Sold Caetano 27yr old Portuguese RWF 67 ovr to Bharshapur for 483,630 (higher ranking club than mine)
replaced by A.Pagerie 27yr old French LB 63ovr - free transfer

Sold F.Soric a 25yr old Croatian LC to Al Taawon for 234,780 - transfer listed - no replacement bought.

National Job offers
Jamaica - Tunisia - Jordan - northern Ireland

Appointed new Jamaica Head Coach

Signed J.Ngoy 21 yr old Belgium CF 67 ovr from Gharnetova for 377,370 - found by my scouts

Sold A.Hervey 27yr old polish CF 66ovr to Easteghlal Khuzestan for 400,610
replaced by Qaastira 27yr old oman AMF 63ovr - free transfer

Start of the season objectives - chairman requires us to stay in the league

Match day 1
Burnley 1 (S.Defour)
Liverpool 1 (Tellagard)

Match day 2
Liverpool 3 (R.Jarvis x2 , J.Ngoy)
Sheff Wed 2 (J.Rhodes, F.Forestieri)

Match day 3
Man city 1 (L.Sane)
Liverpool 1 (Tellagard)

Deadline day
Sold - N.Greenville 24yr old English DMC 61ovr to Esteghlal Khuzestan for 197,120) - transfer listed no replacement bought

Signed Borja Lopez 24yr old spanish CB 67ovr - Free transfer

Sold K.Vasilj 30yr old Serbian CB 63ovr to Pro Vercelli for 241,290 - no replacement bought

Squad till Jan transfer window
GK - Meira 67ovr, K.Geisler 61ovr
CB- I.Van dijk 67ovr, Borja lopez 67ovr, Leo Coelho 67ovr, B.Adoulaye 62ovr, M.Candemir 56ovr, S.Legodia 57 ovr
LB- D.Mitchell 66ovr, A.Pagerie 63ovr
RB- U.Seffiert 70ovr, G.Correa 66ovr
CMF - J.Rice 68ovr, Diego Cristiano 67ovr, E.Canning 63ovr
AMF - S.Nogueira 67ovr, A.redmond 67ovr, Qaatsira 63ovr
LMF - V.Denham 66ovr, I.Driessen 62ovr
RMF - M.Pallister 63ovr
CF - J.Ngoy 67ovr, K.Mayi 67ovr, R.Jarvis 67ovr, Tellagard 67ovr

Internation friendlies
Jamiaca 4 (C.donaldosn, H.Keats, C.Leigh, J.Beckford
Tunisia 2 (K.Labribi, N.Sajid)

Jamiaca 2 (C.Donaldson, H.Keats)
Mali 0

Norwich 0
Liverpool 2 (L.Van dijk, M.Pallister)

Match day 4
Liverpool 1 (R.Jarvis)
Arsenal 0

Match day 5
Liverpool 4 (tellagard x 2, J.Ngoy, V.Denham
Tottenham 1 (A.Lallana)

International friendlies
Jamica 1 (L.Bailey)
Costa Rica 0

Jamaica 4 (V.Denham, H.Keats x 3)
Peru 1 ( J.Villaroya)

Liverpool 3 (K.Mayi, R.Jarvis x 2)
Everton 2 (K.Miralles, own goal)

Match day 7
Watford 0
Liverpool 4 (I.Driessen x2, R.Jarvis, Tellagard)

Match day 8
Liverpool 0
Newcastle 1 (R.Aarons)

Match day 9
Everton 1 (K.Miralles)
Liverppol 2 (V.Denham x2 )

Match day 10
Liverpool 2 (R.Jarvis x 2)
West Ham 0

Fans nickname R.Jarvis "el buitre"

International friendlies

Jamaica 4 (C.Donaldosn x2, H.Keats, E.Adusei)
Qatar 1 (S.Adbur Raqib)

Jamaica 2 (O.Gemmill, V.Denham)
Saudi Arabia 1 (J.Nasin)

Fans nickname I.Driessen "road runner"

Match day 12
Liverpool 0
Norwich 2 (Nelson Olivera x2)

Match day 13
Man Utd 2 (R.Lukaku, W.Zaha)
Liverpool 2 ( Tellagard x 2)

Match day 14
Liverpool 0
Chelsea 0

Match day 15
Liverpool 2 (Tellagard x2)
Leicester 1 (J.Vardy)

Match day 16
Crystal Palace 2 (B.Sako, S.Kaikai)
Liverpool 2 ( M.Pallister, K.Mayi)

Match day 17
Southampton 1 (M.Gabbiadini)
Liverpool 2 (R.Jarvis, Tellagard)

Match day 18
Liverpool 3 (J.Ngoy x2, V.Denham)
Bournemouth 0

Club ranking up from 267 to 265

Match day 19
Stoke 0
Liverpool 2 (L.Van Dijk, J.Ngoy)

Transfer window opens

Sold Tellagard, French 18 year old CF 69ovr sold to Kalaquisong FC for 920,150. Higher ranking club and valuation on player met. Gutted to loose this wonderkid!! replaced by R.Harper 18yr old English AMF 66ovr free transfer

Sold S.Nogueira 24 yr old Brazilian AMF 67 ovr to Nancy Lorraine for 374,220. Higher ranking club and valuation on player met. Brilliant player sad to loose him. Replaced by Ronan 24yr old Brazilian CF 64 ovr Free transfer

Match day 20
Liverpool 1 (R.Jarvis)
Burnley 2 (S.Vokes x2)

FA Cup round 3
Derby 2 (M.Vydra, S.Winnall0
Liverpool 1 (V.Denham)

Match day 21
Sheff wed 2 (J.Rhodes x2)
Liverpool 6 (J.Ngoay x4, J.Rice, I.Driessen)

Match day 22
Liverpool 1 (J.Rice)
Man City 1 ( Gabriel Jesus)

Sold R.Jravis 23yr old welsh CF 69ovr to Kalaquisong FC (AGAIN!!!) for 1,008,910. Higher ranked club and player valuation met. Replaced by S. Mazzini 21yr old Italian GK Free transfer

Sold B.Abdoulaye 37yr old CB from Congo 62ovr to Al Ahli FC Dubai for 299,810 - no replacement bought

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