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SportGameFan has discovered the General Forums. God help us.SportGameFan has discovered the General Forums. God help us.

The problem is, they charged full retail price for basically an unfinished product; they should have waited for another year. They could have at least programmed some variation in how the CPU scores, made the refereeing a lot better, and of course the goalkeepers are largely pathetic in PES 2016.

That is due to poor/lazy/careless programming rather than the utilisation of the physics/animation engine.

If I buy PES 2017, it won't be until the price drops, I'm extremely wary of Konami (and EA Sports) these days. Even if the game is really good when it's released, they can still destroy it with bad patches (as with what happened to FIFA 16)!
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Originally Posted by SportGameFan View Post
This is the thing about modern day gaming (and younger 'gamers')- people/game publishers care more about graphics than actual (substantive) gameplay.

I've had really exciting goalmouth situations occur in PES 2013 that just do not happen in PES 2016. Greater variety of CPU shots and goals, less predictable, nice and slow on '-2' speed (like PES 5). PES 2016 is a very superficial game, when it's time for the CPU to score, it'll score; and even on 'Superstar' with full manual, there is just no real substance to the game. Surely you're sick of those robotic CPU goals that go into the bottom corner of the net? It's easy to run through the middle of the park, the game doesn't reward simulation-style play.

The graphics are absolutely brilliant in PES 2013, after calibrating our television, and the actual gameplay is far better than that of the latest iteration of the series. EA Sports and Konami seem to only want to appeal to younger gamers who want pixel-perfect renditions of their favourite 'super-star' players, and lots of goals, however cheap.

The introduction of Konami's cross-game development engine is where it all started to go wrong again (like when they brought PES 2008 to the PS3). It's a shame that both Konami and EA Sports only care about ripping people off with stupid modes (in my not-so-humble opinion) such as FUT and MyClub. As for statistics in the game, I've found that even boosting the goalkeeper to an overall rating of '97' does nothing to stop those robotic CPU shots that go into the bottom corners of the net!

Cheap, cynical programming, packaged within the Faux Engine.
I think that almost everything is better in PES 2016 than in PES 2013. It's not only the graphics and better animations, but also the gameplay which has more variety. The goalkeepers are far better than in 2013, the ball physics, tackling physics (which look incredible) and of course the passing. And for the AI, there is a lot to fix yes, but for me it is playable.
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