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Whats Going On Everyone

Hi there fellow electronic football enthusiasts,

I cant get enough of sport games and have been hooked ever since Emlyn Hughes Soccer on my Spectrum. Tried them all but nothing has ever compared to PES.

Heres a wee bit about me and how I play this beautiful game. I have seesawed back and forth between PES and IT that shall not be named and its the "feel" that always brings me back cap in hand to the one I love. The gameplay just gets its hooks into you and I feel like I have to always play just one more match (that speaks volumes about the game design).

The on the pitch action is dressed in shabby second-hand clothes and it is painful to look at when compared to ......IT. I always try to get creative and add my own conditions to master league in terms of who I can sign and give myself random injuries where I don't play a player for X games (totally should not have to do this but it keeps things interesting).

In my BAL mode I come up with storylines and rivalries, kinda like a mini soap opera surrounding my player. I have a series going right now
on my channel: All or Nothing Games. It follows all the twists, turns and drama of young superstar Wayne Bowe.

These things are kinda trivial but when combined with the gameplay it works well for me.

Look forward to having some banter in the forums


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