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Signing Players on Master League Challenge - send in the scouts

Am just posting this, as it only occurred to me recently and just got the chance to try it out - realise others may have worked it out, but I haven't seen it posted anywhere.

If you are having trouble signing targets because "the player refused the transfer" rather than the team, and you haven't scouted them, then send in the scouts to scout that position in that geographical area. If you can afford the player the chances are that they will list them and improve your chances of signing.

Example - Lafont was consistently not interested in signing for me - no bars on chances of signing. In the last go round this was because "the player wasn't interested". Set scouting to France, GK and developing, and after the scouts contacted him I had a 3 bar chance of signing (and duly did so).

Same thing with Tom Davies at Everton - told the scouts to look for developing CMFs in England, and he went from no bars to three after they contacted him.

This "reverse scouting" method hadn't occurred to me before, so just thought I would mention it in case it was useful.

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