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Some questions about the game

Hi everyone, I am a new member and a lapse PES player returning back to the game. I have been mainly a FIFA player but with career mode full of bugs in FIFA 20 and the vast improvement in gameplay in PES (I tried the demo and loved it), I've decided to switch to PES 2020 this year after taking a break from the annual sports game purchase (my last game was FIFA 17).

Some questions I have about the game that I hoped more experienced players will be able to help answer:

1) How do I shield the ball? In FIFA it was to hold the R2 button, is there an equivalent in PES?

2) How do I take the ball in stride or flick it into space? Maybe I am pressing the wrong button or lack thereof but the players seems to slow down and/or take a touch whenever they receive the ball. How do I flick the ball into space or take the ball in stride and continue my player's run?

3) Is there a slider bar for defensive and offensive option? Like I want my team to be more offensive when I am a goal down or more defensive when I am protecting a lead towards the end of a match.

4) How's the Master League? I am a big manager mode guy and play that mode almost exclusively in FIFA. In addition to playing the promising youngsters, are there training drills you can play to improve their stats like in FIFA?

5) Is there an option to have the AI auto-switch to the nearest player to the ball? I have had to manually change to the player when the ball approaches him and this occasionally causes the opposition to get ahead of the ball by the time I have completed the switch.

6) What is the command to fake a shot/cross?

7) Is there a command for trick shots/pass? Like FIFA has by pressing L2 + X to do a backheel pass or L2 + O to do an overhead kick.

8) The GK AI has improved a lot from my last PES experience, having some difficulty in scoring. Any tips?

Appreciate the response and thanks in advance guys.

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