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View Poll Results: Bring back the "Shifting to attack" option and holding the defensive line
Yes! Please put this back in! I want proper sim football! Let me have that option! 3 100.00%
I like arcade football, but more options are better 0 0%
I don't care either way 0 0%
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Exclamation Bring back the "Shifting to attack" option and holding the defensive line

Long time I haven't been on here. Some of you probably saw my post on evo-web already, and I'll post it here for more exposure. I'm pretty sure many here would be interested in this so please read further.

I'll add a poll here as well if possible so please make sure you vote here as well

Hello everyone. I'm creating a poll about this on here and on Twitter after the many complaints so I can send it to the right people at Konami to hopefully be heard and help us make a difference. We are a very passionate PES community that has been around since 2001! Yes, we've been there from the start. Call us the OG PES community or whatever you want, but we've been here through thick and thin, and we're still here.

We always want the best for our beloved PES. But here's the thing, we need to band together and make some noise. Individual tweets and the like won't make much of a difference. We need to show and prove we're a community wanting the same thing, not some random individual request. Same reason people create petitions on to try make a difference and have their voice heard. This is why I'm creating this poll here.

You want to be heard? Be serious about this and VOTE.

Now that's out of the way, I've created this poll in response to the many complaints about end to end arcade football that's been in PES for a while now. There's nothing wrong about end to end football as it happens IRL, but it happens in context and due to certain tactics, and it doesn't happen constantly like it does in PES.

In PES 2014, an option called "Shifting to attack" was introduced, and was a very good addition. It helped greatly halt/reduce the constant end to end games. It was a great option to have for those of us who were after a sim approach. See this video here made by @Matt10. It shows what a difference one option can do.

This video is 4 years old, but is still very relevant today. That option you see in the video was taken out since. Watching this and watching the new PES 2018 videos, we can see the stark contrast in transitions from defense to attack in both games, because one had the "shifting to attack" option, and the other doesn't.

Another one that we want to see fixed is the defensive line. That line has been broken for so many years now. I think it started when player tracking was introduced and wasn't properly implemented since. Defenders would track back their mark on the expense of holding a defensive line intact. Something should be done about the tracking mechanic that would let the AI know when to stop tracking a player once they see or "reach" their defensive line to hold it. Possibly add a team defensive line stat that would be properly or improperly held based on defensive teamwork. All teams try holding a good defensive line but not all of them succeed at it always, which sometimes lead to opposition break throughs as we see IRL that may lead to goals.

We ask, as a community, to have these in for the sim-head fans that many of us are. So make sure you VOTE here and on Twitter if you want to be heard and hopefully make this happen. Send to and share it with as many people as you can. If they can't vote here, they can do so on Twitter. I will leave a link to my twitter post below.

P.S. This will not affect the arcade approach that some like. It is just an option that we can use to adjust the game the way we want it. It isn't enforced and won't hamper your arcade experience. One extra option that we had before definitely is good thing as seen above. The more options the better. So please vote for us as well for an additional option

Twitter link

Looks like I can't have the poll option there because I used twitlong. So please use the LIKE button!

The more people we have on this, the better. So please do vote the post or like and share/retweet the tweet as much as possible so we get the message across.

And please don't tell me it's too late and won't make a difference now. I've done the hard part and all you have to do is click a button. Do your tiny part and let them decide.

Thank you for your support!

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