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Just some ides for PES 2019 before launch

Can you guys fix the crowd they look extreamly fake and synchronize everyone jumping at the same time they faces look terrible and during matches they flicker similar to PES 2018 give us MSAA also please for no shimmering texture and a lil touch up on players face animation looks like a monster trying to talk (Rawwwwr Get Down Rawr)

Make the game Look like an eye candy Pour a lot of Graphic into it
Once you have Graphic u can beat FIFA everytime And slowly add in Celebrations

The Game Needs to look good or people wont buy it, yes their the hardcore pes Fans who will say we dont care for graphics only gameplay
but me i love the gameplay but i love FIFA Graphics. tear some pages from EA book and become the top contender again cause im really fedup of FIFA and im fedup of this UGLY thing you guys call PES
and make the CROSSPLAY

Make PC Xbox Nintendo Linux who ever cause we know Playstation very Salty but eventually they will jump on the bus for crossplay, crossplay feature alone will shoot sales sky high.

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