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now i wil never play PES

my god. My worst experience in any online games. What a shitty control. The players obey the command after the other team players have taken the control of my ball.
I really cant play this way. I wasted so much money building good my club squad and all wasted. Damnn konami. I dont care how much offer you give to play my club but unless you correct your online system. This game is shit. (by the way my internet is quite strong fibre band internet)

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The game (especially online mode) is sucks, its sucks for years and Konami won't to do anything with it. So,you have only to live with it

Just check archives of any PES-forum in the net - all of them reminds groundhog day. Every year is the same - "button lag", tons of bags and lags, transfers, cheaters-quiters, disconnects, "connection with server is lost", awful team strength / contracts balance, etc.
Sometimes Konami just creating not a bad offline mode.Problem, this days, "offline mode" is a 50% (or even less) of any good game, the other 50% is online. And PES-online is still looks like it has been created many years ago for dialup modems.
Btw, the only one reason why PES is still alive is people called themselves "pes-fans". I mean people, who paying their money for this game every year and will keep doing this even Konami will release worst ever PES-edition next autumn (like they already did with PES2014).
Yeap, Konami loves to talk "we are doing game for fans", blahblah. Don't believe this, they never listening to the fans, they just doing their small business on fans. The only two situations when Konami is "hearing" you is 1) When you buying their game and paying for it 2) When you paying for game coins. Thats all. In other situations, Konami doesn't give a flying f**k regarding what you,me, or other people writing on this forum. Tbh, I don't think they has ever read this.
Personally, after more than 10 years of playing PES, I would prefer to see this game as a "bankrupt" soon. This is the only one chance somebody else will buy PES to create better game. Sure, somebody like Rockstar would create in a year few times better football simulator (as a free update for GTA-Online), then Konami did in all their "pes-history".
So, f**k this s**t, it doesn't cost this money. May be once in a couple of years for a half-price at PS Store Christmas Sale.
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Originally Posted by Vasbor70 View Post
Personally, after more than 10 years of playing PES, I would prefer to see this game as a "bankrupt" soon. This is the only one chance somebody else will buy PES to create better game.
I await the day this happens and 2k buy it out, and if they put the money in for licenses then its game over for ea at the same time....2K make it happen, #2birds1stone
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