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swaty is an unknown

I just donít know what Iím doingÖ

I just don’t know what im doing in the match and it’s a shitty feeling, because it’s like I know the moves, I score goals, I kind of know where the gameplay flaws, however it’s like there’s no “weight”. Its hard to explain … Sometimes I feel like pushing a marbel with a stick, challenging but not fun..., if you know what I mean…

I get it that from when you press the pass or shoot button, nothing happens immediately.. I dunno.. I don’t really feel engaged… soft tackles get yellow cards, hard tackles that injure players don’t see anything (happened many times..), Im the striker and surrounded by various defenders just pushing forward I get though them, without doing anything, players from the same team obstruct each other (even between defenders), headers are op… playing ons… I don’t understand.

In the match I think there might be a few flaws, some debatable, but headers and playons are just broken. And on some fields when its rainy I find hard to see the ball (maybe this is just me..)

Example of a header. My striker was going toward the end line (between goal and the corner flag). The ball was behind me when it hit my head I made an amazing shot with my neck! in a 90ļ angle with even more force at which the ball came to me. The goalie almost stopped it and another of my stickers scored

Examples playon broken. Minute 90, im doing a counter attack 4 against 2 halfway through the pitch. They slide tackle one of my players (in my field) as i just did a though pass, the ref called foul (yellow..)… wtf…

Another example. They tackle me in Madrid area and clear the ball. So it’s a penalty, however its not called until the ball is on my side of the pitch. In this case, ok, it was called, but you can see that the ai lacks in many areas… and is slow

Other stuff like continuity (minor), the ref calls a foul, stands still. Next scene running like crazy.. The “gameplan” menu, why cant I press UP and manage subs/lineup directly instead of having to go though the “line up option”. Contract renewals.. in other versions it was to clear… why did they change that? now I have to go player by player and read! Don’t make me read! . After players retire that come back after one year? Huh?

Other stuff like small details in commentaries about last matches, top players and so on, and other stuff, does give us the feeling that they have gone to some effort to do things right and its cool, but as a whole I feel, as said: disengaged… and its shitty feeling because I actually win but don’t find it too easy, im at that point,

but Its like I find the game challenging, but not in a fun way, maybe? I really want to enjoy it though.. I am more of an arcady type.. Maybe it’s just not for me anymore

About more liciences making a better game bla bla bla. How many actors does Reservoir Dogs have?
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