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Game play recommendations

So far I have been enjoying pes 2019 and feel itís a step in the right direction. I have some gameplay recommendations that I feel would make the game look and play better. First thing would be players receiving the ball. Since most passes come out pin point, you find the players just standing and waiting for the ball like statues. Moving the analog stick doesnít always work so it not only looks bad but also feels unresponsive. While this is much better than last year, this still occurs too often and can be seen with the majority of regular passes. This can be seen many times with the goal kicks where you see just two players standing in place exactly where the ball will land. Also, to add to it, sometimes the player runs and then stops exactly where the ball is going. They should be adjusting their position until the ball reaches them, rather then run, stop, then wait. This may seem simple but without it the passes look like pinball and unnatural. It looks like a video game rather than a real game. (please study this in a real game because there is a zero percent chance that a player will stand like a statue when receiving a pass.) The reason they stand like statues in the game is probably due to the pin point passes. In real life players pass the ball in front of their teammates or into space (from 2 to 5 feet). This is not a through ball, I am still talking about a regular passing. For example, if you have a teammate you want to pass to, but you see a defender on his right side, one would not pass it to his right side because the defender will take it. If the player passes It to his teammates left side, away from the defender in any direction then his team can maintain possession, even if its toward his own goal. This is what I mean when I say playing passes into space, again, this is not a through ball. There are times that a pin point pass must be done and that is fine but the player should run towards the ball rather than wait for it, the same way they run to a through ball. If you guys can add a few more levels to the game speed that would be nice, the changes between them are too big where normal can feel fast and the level below it too slow. Also, I hope we get to see the Brazilian national team in the game. Hopefully these things can be adjusted through an update. Thank you

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agree the gameplay is a lot better but still needs some ironing out
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