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Signle Feedback

Take DDA off pvp modes.

Take scripting, hándicap, momentum, rubber-banding off pvp modes.

Thats my feedback.

My suggestion: Announce you take it off PvP games. That would destroy EA sales.

Konami´s DDA isn´t as bad as EA´s, but it´s still there and its artificial and annoying.
DDA is based on the idea that players will stop buying the game because they lose to often or they win too often. That assumption is WRONG. I´m old enough to know players love football and will always buy the football game they like to play with their Friends or older/younger brother and kick their asses 5-0 four times in a row. No artificial assistance so matches are closer and more "exciting"


OH!...and of course...add a lobby for FULL MANUAL PLAYERS!

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You're right. Some people say it's a real life situation that anything could happen. But they're wrong. Messi miss one on one goal maybe 1 time out of 10, but in game he scores 1 time out of 10. It's no good. You should be out of this world pro to win almost every match. Some people we see who have %80 or more winning percentage may be lag cheaters, so only a few can destroy anything which comes in their way.. It's hard. Last day i play against someone who has 5 shoots and all of them are goals and i had 15 shoots, 11 on target, 5 goals. If he's good at finishing, why i have more attacks than him? If he's that good, he could dominate the game but no, he just scored everytime he came, keeper did nothing (De Gea if i'm not wrong). Football games do this, because it will push microtransactions.. People will want to have a greater team quickly.. Your wishes are cool man but we don't stand a chance TBH
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Unfortunately mates it is not a perfect world, for Konami this is a business. So the online experience is less than perfect unless you are willing to spend your $$$ to compete more effectively.
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