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Pes 2018:Real simulator or real parody?

Once again Konami proved their inability to create intelligent AI,which can handle a particular situation without having to resort to cheat.Instead, this year they doubled their trademarked cheat codes.If somebody think, that control the game,he's dreaming.Again:The game controls you.The most famous ugly cheats from Konami in BAL:
1.If a player score 3 or more goals in one match he will get reward:All possible bad luck in the next match (in most cases)
2.Most slowest AI defenders have double agility,explosive power and pace than a player with 99 or 127 in all atribute (in most cases)
3.If a player does not have to win a certain match, his team simply refuses to support him in an attack.Simple and efficient from Konami.8 AI defenders vs 2 (or in some cases one) footballers in attack from your team,or maybe you will be lucky to hit the post 5 and more times in one match

Generally speaking, the same known cheats of the previous years
Football is a fair sporting game,and must be,but Konami's football concept is trying to convince me of the opposite.

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Man i'm playing myclub for a few days now. I won maybe like the last 25-30 games, some of them against COM. But a lot against real opponents. Key is to stay calm. When you concede a stupid goal, you will stay calm, you won't rush, i often score in last minute because i miss lots of goal positions, in a match, today, i missed 7 goal position in only first half, i scored in second half and he found an easy goal against me, in penalties, i won. If i lose my nerve, he can easily score second. Sometime the game stays in your side too. Its not cool but what we can do? All we can do is play football calmly and play quality football..
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A.I. in video games can be so uneven in general. Konami has done a decent job, but there is room for much improvement. Just look at Ratmundo's OF of the National teams. I have read many great reviews of how he has improved the tactics of teams and some spectacular goalie play in his latest works. Konami please take note.
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