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10 Great and 10 Not So Great PES Things

Ten Great Things About PES

1. You can make any kit and almost any edit you want
2. Amazing gameplay hands down
3. Likenesses of real player faces
4. The Community and all its incredible work
5. Little animations that make the difference
6. Regardless of what some think, great goalies
7. The one on one battles
8. Feeling like you control your players
9. Goal variety and satisfaction
10. Ball physics

Ten Not So Great Things About PES

1. Music that's Horrible beyond belief
2. Ridiculous looking generic player faces
3. Menus that are impossible to navigate
4. Lack of changes from year to year like snowy weather or long beards in edit mode.
5. Terrible commentary in any language
6. At least 2 games a day since release and no more than 3 penalty kicks - Need more fouls.
7. Things like legends that are hyped and don't come out until 3 months later
8. Lack of licenses, stadiums, cleats and keeper gloves - it does matter
9. Neymar, Ronaldo and Messi on every myclub team
10. An embarrassment of a community manager - Watching Adam Bhatti in his dirty white tee shirt spew the same BS and then not answering the real questions the people that buy the game ask because he's too busy smoking' shista with Asim while the fans of the game do the heavy lifting for him.

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