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All you need to know about ML

Here are some points that I have noticed throughout my ML career (which is still going on in the year 2051-2052).

- I have 4000 million in club funds that i accumulated bu looting from clubs and selling back to them
- I have managed arsenal for almost 50 years and now have jumped to man u
- players have reached their third reincarnation
- Some players are selected by the game AI to have a very good progress graph and when they reach that point you will have a message that the player is "looking in very good form". The players form will then be in bright red. At this point you have to play that player and get a rating of 6.5+ in any match (you will get 3-4 chanced of doing that). After you do this the players overall will increase by 3-4 points.
- You can only sell players in the summer transfer window and you DONT need to put them on transfer list.
- If you play a player in a particular position for long then their overall will increase in that position
- Some players are extremely good passers EVEN IF THEIR SPECIAL SKILLS DONT SAY SO. examples are Ozil, Alonso, Grosskerutz, Di Maria, Gerrard, D. Pizzaro, James Rodriguez, Hummels, etc. Do use them to especially send through long balls its (L1 + Y for Xbox).
- If u want to relegate a club buy their first and second choice keepers. I managed to relegate chelsea and man u while managing arsenal by doing this.

That is all for now if anything comes to mind I will post it. I am open to suggestions so please guys, comments comments comments. thanks!

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