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Limphy is an unknown

weird BAL crashing!!!

hi guys, i'm encountering an unusuall crash in BAL mode..i started my 1st season, and it worked perfectly..but after the midseason negotation period, the game crashes when i press ''start the match''..but it doesn't crash if i ''rest''..until, ofcourse, i wanna play the match, but skipping the entire season isn't really that enjoyable..

..since i have an original copy of the game, my only guess is that the thing causing problems is the kitserver i installed (i prefer to play with original emblems and kits), but i'm not sure..could there be anything else?

btw, my computer is pretty capable and is able to run much more demanding games, so it most certainly doesn't have anything to do with the crashes..

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Limphy is an unknown

well, i've detached the kitserver, and it works i guess that was it:p..

..but now the emblems and kits aren't ''real'' anymore..can anyone of you recommend a patch or something that would work without crashing?
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poohskij is an unknown

hey Limphy,

I had a similar problem in BAL with sudden crashes/freezes. I had to uninstall my antivirus (disabling didn't work).. After that, I played 10 games straight without any problems. I did not uninstall my kitserver or anything else.

Previously I played '10 with no problems on my older computer. That was with an Nvidia card. My new comp has an ATI card, so maybe it's a driver issue.

Try disabling/uninstalling your antivirus, or change your graphic card driver to an older driver, and post back
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