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PC Issues - Is it PES or my PC flagging?

My PC spec is:

CPU: Core 2 Duo @ 2.4GHz
RAM: 2GB DDR2 800MHz
GFX: 7900GS 256MB DDR3

In settings, my spec is all green and falls into being able to play on high quality. However, when I play PES2010 original, it is usually fine (though not always). As soon as I apply a patch, it's very hard to play.

My issues seem to be gameplay stutters lots throughout a whole match apart from spells of 5 or so seconds a couple of times during a match. Players/refs may have strange pixelated features, like hair gone and strange red/white/neon green/neon pink pixels replace feature, usually hair. I have strange large lines cutting or tearing across the screen coming from random players/refs/linesmens hands/heads.

Strange thing is, it only seems to happen in PES2010. PES2009 is fine, with patches. Though, in PES2010, it is unplayable with a patch, and tried SMPatch, patch and All Nations Teams patch, all with same results.

Stranger still is when I then quit PES2010 and go to my desktop, I get strange pixelated lines going across the screen at random points and can only get rid of them by restarting my computer. All other games and applications etc are fine and PES is the only one that does this.

Does this mean my PC is flagging? If so, is it just my graphics card? What cheaper, but good graphics card can I play to play it all on highest quality?
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the strange pixelated featuresand red white neons indicates the slow death of your Graphics card!
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