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Latency making me quit a game i love

I bought this game in November and was pleasantly surprised how good it was. In contrast to Fifa the last few years i finally felt i was playing a footy game again where i was in full control of what was going on on the pitch: passes felt crisp, passes went in the direction i intended them to go, shots actually felt like i was deciding where they went: low, high, direction, with power or more finesse, player responding to my controls directly and without hesitation.

Then since about a week latency has crept into the online games i've been playing and it has totally reversed the experience i describe above:
-passes going in directions i don't intend them
-passes getting intercepted even if players are completely open to receive them
-players (even my very skillful ones) have the touch of a rapist and seem to be stuck in this slow-motion like state of sluggishness

For me within a week the game has turned from a great footy game experience into a extremely frustrating nightmare. This was the exact same reason i quit fifa, and i'm afraid if it keeps being this bad i'll quit PES aswel.

For the record:

-i have really good internet connection (none of my other games have any latency)
-i have the gaming mode enabled on my television

Anyone else been experiencing latency aswel and what are your ideas on it.

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latency is induced (intentional) by opponent in general!
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