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Frown big problems defending

hey there i really like the game but i have huge problems defending can anybody help me to learn how to defend and how to use the controller in the best way and all the issues regarding defending i am even willing to pay for private lessons beacuse i cant win games i lead 3-0 but beacuse i cant defend i loose 4-3 or higher plaese help me in this issues
1)how to use the contorller
2)how to make the moves of defending(jockey,stand off and etc)
3)and which cursor option to use(semi assiset or other in the contorler options)

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dude i have the same issues. i dont know how to tackle someone in the penalty without giving them a shot lol
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Hey Haima1, take a look at this:

http : //[/url]

Hope it helps.
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