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john tsios
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hi everybody....can you tell me please what region is my pes 2011????'s bles-1022...sorry for my bad english...thanx in advance...

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Originally Posted by PEM View Post
question: Is bles 20 the code for the UK or could i have bought a Bles 21 in the uk? cheers!
About 95% of the UK have BLES 20, if your live in the UK and dont have BLES 20, then thats means that wherever whoever supplied you with the game got there stock from outside the UK!

Please give me thumbs up
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CovertBike is an unknown

How do I tell what BLES number my game is?

How do I tell what BLES number my game is?

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Just to inform others
I bought mine from and it is BLES01021

@CovertBike Its printed on your disc, or you can look on the side of the disc case. Don't believe in what the manual/booklet says.


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If any aussies are wondering, I bought my copy from JB HIFI and spine book and disc all say its 01020.

Checked what EB are selling and its also 01020 - so if your buying from a shop in Australia chances are its BLES 01020.

I DL'd Adams option file, and it works fine..
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is it possible to alter a bles 01020 OF to make it compatible with bles 01021?
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Italian version

Hi everybody, I have the italian version of the Ps3 game...I'd like to know if I can load an option file of a different version.
Thank You!
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Is the OF only for ps3 console?
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just a question i would like to ask -

i bought my game from England it says BLES20 on the booklet..
i download the files to my thumbdrive did everything load it up and nothing was there...
i am using a USA ps3 btw. with a UK bles20 disc.
which option file should i try?
i tried the W.E.B file thing.
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Anysecondnow has discovered the General Forums. God help us.Anysecondnow has discovered the General Forums. God help us.

On my pes box it says i have the bles 01020 version, when i install the disc it says i have the 1.0 version. I thought bles 01020 was the UK version. I've tried to upload UK OF's and it tells me i have the wrong do i have the european version? Probably a dumb question to some...but could someone tell me. I spent hours copying and deleting files...i should have asked sooner i guess...thank you.
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Can someone please help me. New to the site, and never even knew these option files existed i have been manually changing the team names/cups/players for years.
I have the Bles 01020 version. I would like to basically have the kits, names, leagues etc. all updated. But i have no idea which files i need to download. I see lots of links about V3, v4, 0.5, 0.1 - this may as well be written in chinese as far as I'm concerned, could someone please give a few simple tips in english for a pretty simple guy lol. I just want to know which files I need to download, and which i dont. Regards, Paul
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Originally Posted by Baddar View Post

Download the BLES-20 Option File here;

Visit the thread in this section for more information on it.

Hi there, I tried using this link but it has been removed due to copyright or the uploader has deleted it so it says. Is there any other way to get the option file? Regards.
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Question : I already download the full version edition edit data from PS3 thread, but I haven't update my PS3 with Konami DataPack 1.01, since my connection are really slow if I download it directly from my could somebody help me how do I download "Konami DataPack 1.01" from any website??, is there any link??...thanks in advance
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Originally Posted by zackshvero View Post
hi we r playing every season withe the classic players
i try to download every option file bot nobady open the classic players
and i heve a problom with my on line game to get ...

please can sombody help and sand me and option file with the classic players open???
would it be possible to get the LA Galaxy made for me. i dont think beckham is even in the game this year.

discount wii games
used wii games
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Can someone please list the BLES codes for each country? I've searched all over the internet and have only been able to find out that 020 is for the UK and 021 is for Europe...what are the BLES codes for North America and Asia????

Now I've found out that apparently the Spanish version of the game is SLES_556.38 Which one is this? I found this code in reference to a download for new commentary, but I'm not sure which version it will work for.

Tomorrow I'm making a trip out to the electronics store, and since I'm not in Europe or N. America I need to know what all the BLES codes are...for the PS2 I need the BLES code for the "PES2011 european version PAL/NTSC multi-4 (Spanish-Italian-Portuguese-Turkish)," at least that's what the option file I need says. Is this BLES 01021, the European version? Or is it BLES 01022? Because I've heard people say the EU version is BLES 01022. And will the commentary for 'SLES_556.38' work? I'm also supposed to get the American version of PES 2011 for PS3 for a friend...which BLES code is the American version???
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