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Help needed, desperately! PS3

Hi guys, first time post and a confusing one to start with.

After recently having the WORST experience ever on a PES ML with the new PES 2014 I decided to get PES 2011 off the retirement shelf as that had the best ML of the last 5 years or so.

However, my option file was on my old PS3 that stopped reading discs a while back so after copying the 1039 files (inc my old ML/League/Cups) off that console to my newer one I tried to start the game but it can't load the option file without the 'Data Pack' updates. These are unavailable through the options as it states 'Unable to obtain latest data pack'.

This means I can't use my OF or play my ML which sucks balls, it wouldn't be the end of the world BUT, I am unable to install any other option files as they are all made with the up-to-date Data Pack! I've searched high and low on how to find/install these data packs but I always end up at PS3 sites for jailbroken machines which I do not possess......

Can anyone help me with this?? my PES life is on hold as I don't rate PES 12/13 and especially 2014, what the hell happened at Konami to release poop like that?!


(If I'm in the wrong section, my apologies)

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