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A question about the gameplay

Dear all,
As I have only played ML and BAL modes (and been utterly fed up) I have questions: is the game as heavily (and stupidly) scripted in human vs. human matches as it is in the other modes? Because if it is, I wonder how game so random can qualify for e-sport... On the other hand, if it is not, why is it in ML and BAL?

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PES is scripted no matter what. It is based upon advantage play, it's really what you do when your team have the 'advantage'. The level and duration of advantage play (or lack of) depends heavily on the game mode and/or difficulty. Play offline on easy and it will be practically unnoticeable but then try MyClub/online, to make it even worse try with your team spirit low, and you'll notice it ..hard. You'll be like "wtf". Just watch how every bit of play is shut down via a combination of your passes not working, tackles not working, players not making supporting runs … it's just sad.

The game of split personality, but once you see the scripting at it's heaviest you'll then know what to look out for and then you'll see that in medium difficulty settings and modes that its more 'patchy', where you get the advantage in patches - there are also patterns to it as well which you will notice. Like very often when you score in a player vs player game the opposition team will suddenly play very well (having the advantage) until they equalize. Or the game will shut down both players by making both team kinda poor until the dying minutes of the game whereby it will grant maximum advantage to the losing player so he/she can equalize, thus artificially/falsely creating a dramatic and climactic outcome that will probably have both players want to play again to settle the old 'who is best' argument. It's horrible because in the end the game's scripting largely controls the outcomes of the game, in other words the mistakes you make are largely not your own.
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Thank you for your answer. I was thinking ML and BAL modes were specifically nerfed (which they can be) but in fact all the game is wasted... Now I get a plausible reasoning supporting this stupid design. But I still do not understand how there can be esport competitions!
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