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yen21 is an unknown

Some dudes saying that the salary we earn should be allowed to buy some training program to improve our stats. Good point. But i m thinking that why dun Konami allow us to use salary to buy some stat-improving boots which is basically almost the concept of training program. Imagine that u can only wear the best boot only when you earn the highest salary in the game? sense of achievement man

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yen21 is an unknown

Originally Posted by Novaes View Post
I got ur point, Zanteive. But I still think Konami almost did it right. Player needs to be paid based more in his performance. But the point system in game is crap imo. 5000 pts to balance the value of players is too little. In example: Ronaldinho transfer to Milan last season. If he has got to Milan 2, 3 years ago, Barcelona would problably get much more money from Milan, because he was on his top performance that time. But he was transfered in a low performance situation, so Milan paid much less. So did Chelsea with Deco. And if you take a look at Master League, you will see that you will get your players with more or less points basing on their performances, and you will get transfer requests on your players based on this points. So it is on BAL.

Another thing is that you took age in the point. The game got a good relation on player hability over age. But that is not enough. Physical stats should act more on players, I think. The way you start a BAL sucks. How a boy with 17 years old, training, get's physical stats that low? I know he is just starting, but if you see any under 20 team base, the guys will have good fitness, great acceleration and speed, but will be on evolution on strenght and tecnique. I think they should take a look at this aspects, and should be good to have some "points to spend" in the creation of player, based on his height and weight. Like a new Huntelaar, ie. Tall, strong, striker. So he should be good on heading, low speed, good body balance... something like this.

Well, enough of typing

Sorry for my poor english... is a bit hard to write correctly being Brazilian. cya
I like your idea about the physical fitness about the player. I think if they want to be more realistic, the weight/height ratio should be a consideration to decide the physical fitness of a particular player. You expect Berbatov is as fast as Walcott? Konami should start thinking that there is limited room for development in certain attributes of player. If not, most people will aim at speed demon type of players, with extremely great strength and all as skillful as Messi and C.Ronaldo. Sometimes limitation in players' ability can create uniqueness and adds challenges to us when making a new player.
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It has probably been said before, but PLEASE, let me choose ANY CLUB I want in Become a legend. Do not force me to pick from a pre-determined list. This was a BIG reason why I sold PES2010 shortly after buying it.

Please, and Thank you Seabass and associates
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UKJ is an unknown

I think there needs to be some sort of player/manager interaction. For example I just started my first BAL, creating a left sided WF. Signed for villa where I'm now a first team regular but I'm constantly being played as either a FW or a RMF. There should be an option to approach the manager voicing your concern (the same way players are unhappy in ML) and demand that you are played in your preferred position and if your demands aren't recieved ou should be able to hand in a transfer request.

Transfers are unrealistic too, tottenham hotspur signed Rooney on mine and barca sign marlin harewood :S

I love the mode but I'm concerned about my players improvement because at the end of my first season my overall rating is still on 62 so I'm not too sure whether that's normal or whether my player is crap and going wrong somewhere so it would be nice for there to be some kind of info on how you should be progressing other than the learning curve which seems innacurate to me.

(sorry for any spelling errors I'm on my iPhone and I'm awful at typing on it )
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Originally Posted by R9NALD9 View Post
For me the thing they MUST make better is the general rating system after the game. I mean for goodness sake, it's only really possible to get an 8/7.5 etc if you score goals or assist. That makes it useless to select DMF or CMF positions. When someone doesn't score or assist goals it doesn't mean they had a shit game. I played be a pro for like 5 matches, and it just pissed me off making no errors, passing at 100% completed to see my match rating being 6 or 6.5!


Also make the money you earn worth something, make it possible to buy training so that you can improve your stats. I do hope they make a LOT of additions and improvements.
You got it all wrong. ur rating gets higher if ur team WINS the match, not when u score a goal or give an assist. I play DMF, and once i scored 3 goals and the opposing team equalised!! i was given a rating of 6.5 . Another time, i gave passes 100% completed and a lot of intercepts, i did not score a goal but my team won the game. I was given a rating of 7.5
so i think ure wrong.
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gonufc is an unknown

Two things that are absolute musts- Teammates AI (Man U amazing as opposition but when you join they lose all their talent) and training. I also think there should be alot more variety and opportunity to mould your player how you want as after a few BALs it all got a bit samey. I think the training drills should be like challenge training in older PES' eg. free kick training with the targets; also, it needs to be possible to earn all types of player cards. I'm sure there's lots more that i can't think of right now.
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Carmi88 is an unknown

PES needs to improve every aspect of the game, its fucking dreadful and is in dire need of an update to fix all of the problems, big fan of previous versions, but this one they certainly did a half arsed job
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subotai33 is an unknown

What i hate about the BAL mode is that i do not have 100% control over my player.Why MUST he perform automated runs ?? At corners of opponent e.g. i want him outside of the box,but when i want to run there the player moves into the box.Same with own attacks.
Or sometimes when a teammate is attacking an opponent i want to leave some space between him and my player so that i am a possible pass receiver,but automatically my player turns into the tackling as well.

That's a thing which almost ruined a controller with last year's title already.
Why isn't it possible to give the player 100% control??
I don't want 80% or 95%,i want 100.

It's so disturbing...Passing advice can be turned off,so why can't you do the same with automated running?

Another point is the evaluation after the match.Often i have best mark of my team,get positive feedback from trainer but my reputation is decreasing?? I don't think that's sensible...

Though i must say you guys improved BAL a lot compared to last year.AI is way better,offense and defense.But some small improvements should be made,at least for next year's title.I don't know how much can be changed through patches.
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jesmith29 is an unknown

I totally agree with the 100% controll. It's so frustrating when your play takes off on his own.

I've only been playing BAL so far and the one issue that is driving me nuts is this.

I've played 17 games out of 27. In 10 of the games played, half of them, the FF option doesn't even show up and twice I've all of a sudden taken total control of my teammates. This has happened either starting on the bench or being subbed off.

Has anyone else run into this issue?

I play on the PS3 US version and I did the update to ver 1.01.

Whenever the FF option does not work, you also do not get the after match feedback from your manager. It goes straight to the results.

Konami please address this annoying bug in BAL.
"You'll Never Walk Alone"
"My men are not expendable. And I don't do this kind of work."
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Ugly is an unknown

I would add some things to PES.
100% control of the player, meaning he won't run back for a ball which might go through a defensive line.
AI for transfers, because it's really weird to see Puyol playing in Real Madrid. This could be supported for BAL players with help from interviews where you can choose answers or simply a "profile" option, as to say, when you start, you have to put in your favorite team or teams and a number of inspirational players. This BAL option should help with transfers to desired teams.
Goalkeeper BAL.
Being able to actually spend your earnings on stuff. Luxuries can be fillers, but we can also enjoy better boots (Thanks, yen21), advertising campaigns (Popularity growth), better medical treatment for injuries and maybe partying and what not, just to add some spice to the "off the field" life.
Eligibility issues in transfers. For example, teams in Serie A can not have more than 3 non-EU players, and playing in Liga BBVA for 5 years would earn a player a Spanish passport. This becomes a complex problem if Kolpak ruling and the Cotonou agreement are taken into account.
BAL features asking for the ball and I think it would be a nice idea to also add an option for asking for a substitution and/or limiting your eligibility for a match, instead of letting that decision to be taken by the AI.
I might have some more ideas later~
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the nameless
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I have an idea that would put a useless feature to good use. The photo gallery only lets you look at a small picture from a match, and mark it as a favourite. The photos should be high-res, saved to your hard drive, have the option to delete them if you dont like them, but most importantly, you should have the option to make them your in-game main menu wallpaper, instead of that stupid video of the worlds most annoying player (if you dont support Madrid) puffing his stupid cheeks out like a primadonna. Or if not that, let us take a snapshot from a replay (FIFA can) to save to our hard drives.

Maybe even add the option to use custom wallpapers in the PES shop.

Your BAL guy mid strike as your wallpaper, that would be cool. I hope KONAMI do actually look at these boards and do actualy impliment things from suggestions.

Also, please for the love of my sanity, dont force me to look at my stats after everything that happens. Most of the time they are the same as they were 10 minutes ago, when I was forced to look at them.
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MayonParaiso is an unknown

wouldn't it be cool to play as a ref? I think I would like it
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god damn everything i hate bal
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Jace_River is an unknown

U-20 selections, at least for the top teams... From every continent.
A really, REAL young team. Maybe called "Reserves" or "team B", just like the reality. This one must be playable in BAL and ML mode.
Leagues Supercups, like Copa del Rey winner against Liga BBVA winner.
Change team in ML mode, it's almost obligatory to include that in this version, and, if is posible, to train national teams.
In the BAL mode, the option to ask your teammates to kick a penalty or free kick, and the option to don't kick (if you're the predeterminated player).
Be the captain in BAL is just a nice band in the arm? Why we can't talk with the coach? Or the club boss? Or our teammates? Or, maybe, take autority in the strategy, I mean, the option of "suggest changes" to the coach in the middle of the match.
No more predeterminated team in BAL, we want choose it like PES 2011... But with more options! At least 2 from each league!
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veryshop is an unknown

Well, this doesn't affect me as i don't do any RWT, but it does seem like Jagex is finding any excuse to stop RWT sites. This "image copyright" is probably just a front to stop the RWT, as I don't think Jagex have said anything about this to other, non-RWT sites.Bill Levkoff Bridesmaid Dresses
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