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mubarak is an unknown

bad !! bad !! very bad

There is something strange in the Master League because the price of players and their market value very few

Rooney, for example, you purchase only 14 million, Sebastian Frey only 5 million, Ronaldo is only 25 million

This is confusing, is not realistic, what do you think

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.Llama is an unknown

this is a known problem now..i hope konami will fix it soon because it makes small cpu teams buy big name players that they normally would never be able to afford.

and the transactions do go crazy, even when i set it to low

imo its one of the biggest flaws in the game and completely ruining ML
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luketu is an unknown

i thought it was the opposite

I sold Nani for 78 million, then i couldnt buy any replacements because the transfer system is shit.
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