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Become A Legend Mode: New Ideas


After a match, the coach should give you a report telling you how well have played. The report could be something along the lines of:
'You played well today. You got into good posistions and made good decisions when in possession of the ball. You shooting accuracy needs to be consistent though.'
Almost like a post-match team-talk, if you wish.


Over time, your player should be able to adapt to new positions. I know this is already the case, but I am suggesting choosing a position manually; a new option in the BAL menu. Because if you look at footballers, they have become adapted to play in new positions over time. Players such as Ryan Giggs, who has started to play in centre midifeld; Wes Brown - right back; Wayne Rooney - starting to become more and more familiar on the wings.
In BAL mode, you should be able to buy new positions with your earned salary. But the coach should be able to realise if you will be able to play in that new position depending on your stats and your age.
For example, if you are a 26-year old centre forward and have speed, passing (short and long) and dribbling stats of, let's just say, above 82, then the coach should allow you train or that new position, even though it would take a couple of weeks of training before the coach allows you to play in your new position in matches. If, however, you have these stats below 75, then the coach should give you a negative reply and you will not be able to train for that new position.


This is not really a new idea, but rather something that should be improved in BAL mode.
If Fabregas has the ball just in front of his own box and you, as a centre forward, when you call for the ball whilst running behind the defence, Fabregas should play a nice over-the-top through ball to put you through on goal. It is annoying when Fabregas just plays the ball to someone two yards away, and then the ball ends up with the defence again.


There should be an option to warm up and do a couple of stretches before a match, so that there is a slightly lower risk of you pulling your hamstring in the match, which leads me on to requesting for different injuries that can be used in PES 2010, such as broken metatarsel, hamstring injury, groin injury, etc.
If, however, you overstretch during pre-match warm-up, you will injure yourself.
These small stretching games should be able to be played using combinations of buttons that you need to press as they arise on your TV and using the analogue sticks.


When you get injured, you should have small training programmes during the week wo that you can get back to full health.
However, if you get a serious injury and you are out for 30 weeks, you can only use these small training programmes 3 weeks before you make your return to a match.

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