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Memoman is an unknown

BAL - It is important to a lot of users.

Reading the latest news, seems BAL hasn't received enough love, which is a shame, 'cause I actually spent more time this year playing BAL than ML (I still played lots of ML).

I just wanted to say that with the improved AI, BAL will of course get some much needed fixes. But there needs to be more BAL oriented improvements.

1) Make the presentation more player-centric, not so much team oriented. Have a Menu for the team, but give us more to see from our player, and make it accessible faster in the menus. Like his personal stats for the season should be the focus in the interface, but most importantly his development as a star (which is the reason we keep playing BAL), and based on these, his appeal to other teams, his salary and awards.

2) Some nice touches could be the camera focusing more on your player during cut-scenes, interacting more with other teams members.

3) Also show the player's rating and personal game stats right after the final whistle, maybe even with a line from the coach giving a tip on how to improve, or a well deserved pat on the back if the performance was top notch. This is what I always look for right after finishing the game, most people do so as well, so why not make it more user friendly and display it right away.

4) Also I've heard from lots of people that they'd like to play defenders, full backs and keepers. Make it so that they can become stars in these positions and get good ratings. Think of Maldini, Ferdinand, Schmeichel, Buffon, all of them are legends and highly respected.

In short make the interface more geared toward player career management and improvement.

I know most of these suggestions are cosmetic, but given the current time of development I don't know if Konami has time to fix most issues, such as your teammates' behaviour toward you, the way they chose to pass the ball, and how they play with and without you on the pitch.

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iamcanadianeh has discovered the General Forums. God help us.iamcanadianeh has discovered the General Forums. God help us.

Well said. Totally with you.

However... there could be news yet to come. I'm wondering if maybe they will allow us to use the cards and sliders in BAL?

Also, the slower and more passing-oriented gameplay will make BAL much different. It will be interesting to see if it might now be impossible to, say, win World Footballer of the year on top player with the current rating system and a game that's less easy to dominate with one player. The must have a new rating system to go with the totally revamped gameplay IMO.
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Ravex is an unknown

I'm still standing steadfast on an in-BAL-menu training mode where you can test YOUR player.

I want timed dash test, slalom dribbling obstacles, shooting practice etc etc.
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they need to make it so that your team mates performances are also factored into the starting lineup. you can have a strike partner, he might score a hat-trick. he might have stamina 99, it doesn't matter, he'll still probably get inexplicably rested next game and you feel like you're not really part of a team, more a participant in a random squad.

it removes the feeling of imagination you can get from consistently linking up with a certain player and building up an understanding (even if its all in your head)
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Originally Posted by Ravex View Post
I'm still standing steadfast on an in-BAL-menu training mode where you can test YOUR player.

I want timed dash test, slalom dribbling obstacles, shooting practice etc etc.
Completely - bring back the old training games. Additional incentives like earning an extra strength block for optimum performance in the challenges. This can be opened right up, using the training games that have already featured in the series without much tweaking, just adding a reward scheme. Eg. Free Kick challenges, and the like, enabling you to create the Legend you want, rather than the current limitations to position-restricted performance and skills. If you want to be a deadball speacialist, perform well in the training mini-games and become your teams go-to man for set pieces.

You could balance out accelerated growth with fatigue for players who train and play regularly, so that players are forced to weigh up the cost of over training their guy once he's made regular first team football.

I though BAL was a cracking addition to the series. I was a Master League nut until PES09, then it was BAL all the way for me. Yes the AI was shocking at times but this is a criticism of the core game rather than the mode itself. I can live with the mode being un-changed this time if all the improvements for 2010 are proven (AI crucially among them...) , but don't let this mode slip down the pecking order. It's an extremely valuable edition to the series with a lot of potential.
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Originally Posted by red View Post
This is how I play fix on we10

I always play a few seasons normally, when I have won everything and go to player cam, the advantage of this is that the players that you have bought etc. have all improved so when you are playing fixed it is a better game.

My rules PS2 is the manager, so if I get subbed I watch the rest of the game (double speed of course) this also applies to injurys and tiredness.

Then you go to win everything as per..

I am currently 3rd in the league behind chelsea and man u, by 5 points with six games left, I have both league and champions league cup finals to play as well, its just nice aint it!

But where I would like to see this go part 1:

control of the cam, I would like to move it back slightly so I can see more of what is around

You start the game as a created player (16 yrs old) you play in reserve games or train until you are good enough for the first team (awarded score after game would sort this)

You play for your team, if you get sold you play for your new team, if you are good enough you get an international call up, and then you play in the WC, EC etc.

You only play when selected or fit, and the option to watch games or not

But where I would like to see this go part 2:

I would like to see this be the default for online play but beyond that the similar as above. you are a player and not a team, we all start with the same pool points to add to the default 50 so we can start with slightly diffrent skills, you stats improve with experience like the ML you start at sixteen and finish whenever but again like the ML you stats drop after a certain point.

You can be apart of as many teams as you like if reserves and friendlies can not be played (you might never play otherwise)

the option to watch games (other teams that is)

A league system, maybe with reserve teams

Moral rated on you last few performances, if you playing bad moral drops as it improves when playing well (again the player scores after games will sort this)

stats like positioning to be introduced, this would show how well you can play in your position, so if you a defender and spend more time up front then you would have a lower rating etc.

Tatic awareness this could be how could the player is at following the managers tactics.

Somebody would start the team and therefore be manager select tactics, players etc.

I guess you see where I am going with this, a virtual online football career, the aim of the manager is to win of course. maybe there could a be a virtual board (PS2) aswell so if the manager is not to hot he gets sacked and another from a list gets picked (could work with some thought)

So all the things that happen in real life could happen in the game.

Just a dream, but I remember when players did not that look like whom there was supposed to be and were all block figures that all looked a like, commentry, online playl multi leagues etc etc etc were all dreams too!
this is what I said three years ago, although the comp seems to have taken the steel on this one!

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Memoman is an unknown

Man, I hope KONAMI keeps ripping you off! ;P

One uber important thing the y could easily fix is the player camera. Stop making it turn! It messes up the control scheme and it makes you wanna puke. As it is, it's unplayable.
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