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Frown Master league shouldn't be only manager/coach career

Hey guys, i'm here to remember that master league in old days were more than just playing games and seek trophies; in old versions of pes, it was up to us the job of improving the club, of elevating the status of it, build new eras and putting even small clubs on the top... Always have been more than transfering, playing and winning.
It's never been a complex mode of creating a club, but still, there was the emotion of trying to improve your team hiring new staff members, of controlling your finances, seeing your players able to train better and harder...

anyway, i'd like to see in future versions of PES an improvement in this mode of gaming, a mode that we just not play the matches, but developing an love by our club, getting it better and bigger than before assuming it; i'd like to be more than a simple coach, simple manager, i'd like to be able to choose the way of doing things in the club, be able to feel the emotion of owning a club, not just training an coaching it.

I hope i made myself clear, and hopefully, my idea should be considered

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