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PES 2018: Does anyone agree with me?

I've played this game since 2004 and have joined this forum just out of curiosity as I don't really know anyway else who plays this.

To reiterate, I've been a pes fan for years. Basically I just wanted to share my personal views on the game. I don't play this online, I've always enjoyed master league on superstar however and have usually found it challenging enough but not too easy (2016 I only just managed to win the prem once, 2015 also in an epic final game, other versions I found slightly easier) and only really use this mode.

Pes 2018 in my option is just an absolute joke. There many good points, but in master league for me it is unplayable. To avoid going over the same points other user have covered I'll put this in a nutshell:

I am very good at making chances, however I'll usually have 10-15 chances where decent strikers will miss from a yard out after I've done all the hard work causing me to draw games or loose to the coms odd goal. This is ok once in a while but happens every game

That lofted through ball from the com? The one that they score with every game? I won't say any more...

Player weakness? I mean this was a massive issue in 2017. They need a gym membership. If it's the computer my defenders get outmuscled every time against small players, yet the com farts near me and my player does that "stunned" animation making dribbling or holding up the ball almost pointless. Crosses are pretty much your best option to score.

The feeling that you are simply destined to loose certain games. You can just feel it, suddenly your all star squad forget what they actually do for a living (play football) and crumble to a 10 man Stoke when all of the above points become amplified out of blue (usually occurs if you've won a few or the team your chasing has lost their game so you can't catch them

I've actually witness the ref allow an extra 3 minutes when I was 1-0 in which the com was nearly able to score

The com will ALWAYS end up with the ball after their keeper saves or the ball is deflected in their area, it will simply never fall for you.

The midfield does not exist, it is a myth

Strikes from (funnily enough, strikers) almost always zip conveniently wide, I must have scored one long range goal in 100 games.

Leads me to keepers. Ahh keepers... Everyone is Buffon unless it's your keeper flapping at an easy catch from a real con strike. Although I will say they have massively improved if not become op, this flappy animation occurs often

There's lots more I'd say but just wanted to leave this here and see if anyone agrees. I've enjoyed the game for so long and am usually a decent player, but this years version is just outrageous. I would drop difficulty but it becomes far too easy as I've always played on superstar. Basically I've found that all the game consists of is use the wing, cross it, either score or get caught on the counter and your defence gets lobbed. Every game. There's not really much football going on. I am genuinely stunned this game squeezed through testing, unless it was by monkeys.

Will not buy next years for the first time ever which is sad as it used to be so good!

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