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Single feedback and not just next hater in this forum

From Pes 2013 I ask myself whether to continue to give my money for nothing.For game wich main conception is:cheating,irritating the player.
These are not just the words of the next hater in this forum. I was a big fan of this game.
I will justify my words and be more specific:
Every new version come with minor improvement.
For: improving ball physics and animation
Against:progressive increase of the cheat codes in the scripts in every new version.BL mod is totally forgotten by Konami.
About thoose cheat codes:The engine of the game contains cheat codes in the scripts that lead the player and his team to many disadvantages, preventing any good team or player to win a specific match.You can win only those matches which Konami allow you.
(in BL):
1.My player has resistant injury=3, but he was injured 4 times for just one season.From september to november.In december for 2 weeks,after that from december to march and from april to may.Ha...Hats off to Konami.Brilliant!
2.Forward with 98 speed and explosive power is easily outpaced by slowest defender with 70-75
3.For five seasons just one penalty
4.If your player score 3 or more goals in one match and receive rating 8,in the next match,almost forget to score or receive high rating.All bad luck of the planet is for you and for your player.You will be lucky to hit 5 and more time the post,but you will be not able to score goal

At the end. KONAMI I will not buy the next new version of the game.From now on I will use only cracked versions.Тhis is my way to tell you stop to joke with all customers that pay for this (currently insane parody of) football simulator.Nothing real in this game, just waste of time, because the player does not control anything. The game controls you. The best tactics,coach and players will not help vs this wonderful cheat codes in your scripts. This does not lead to delight from the game only to irritate!I can lose with dignity any football match when my playing skills are bad and not reach any certain level to win,but I'm not agree to loose my time playing pre-doomed matches.
I'm not a masochist I want to be happy when I play.Is not exactly what each player looking from the video games?

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Every year I think KONAMI couldn't do worse, and every year THEY SURPRISE ME.

PES has become a complete failure.
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Yeah I gotta admit, I'm having a hard time with this game. I was playing on top player and only being scored on from long balls and crosses where my defensive player would run the opposite direction of the ball and the attacker. I was still winning every game, but I hate seeing scorelines like 5-3, or 6-2 every game, especially since I only get scored on when it seems that it is out of my control. So I switched to professional to get better. But even here, the game picks the opportune moment to auto switch me to the CB as a cross comes in, and instead of having that CB tight to an attacker, or move towards the ball, the player will move in the direction that I was pressuring the winger who had just crossed. Obviously I can get better at closing down crosses, but the marking and unreliable goalkeeping from AI wide play is just pathetic. I've never felt the need to post before on a forum about this, but I'm hoping someone important sees it. A shame that our only options are this and FIFA. I had actually enjoyed PES 17 Master League more on the field, flawed as it was. I'm so close to selling this game, and that would just be sad to me because I won't be going to pick up FIFA, and what's life without football? Hope some PR person at Konami reads this thread, probably not, but thanks for opening it. So much of the game could be good, if you didn't feel the need to empower the AI through lack of user control, rather than real intelligence. I dunno, maybe I need time to get better at it or something.
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Originally Posted by aquilas42 View Post
So much of the game could be good, if you didn't feel the need to empower the AI through lack of user control, rather than real intelligence. I dunno, maybe I need time to get better at it or something.
Exactly!Real intelligence ,this is missing in the game and in the heads of the developers from Konami.They cannot create intelligent AI,wich can beat you with tactic.Instead of this they create ugly cheating code.
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Man.. Don't play to win. Play pure football. Improve your tactics. In some of matches, luck was really against me but guess what.. I won against 940 rating player, the first goal was a stupid own goal that i couldn't do anything about it. But match ended 4-2 in my favor. I'm not defending it cause it shouldn't be like this, if only they change. But really it doesn't affect me that much now.. I score maybe in last minutes but i don't give up. Maybe this helps.
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