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danielsantos is an unknown

Frown !!!WARNING!!! The worst myClub cheating of all

!!! WARNING !!!


Dear friends of the forum, is the first time I create a post. And it is with great indignation that I inform you a trick he had never seen in MyClub where the cheater starts the game making an own goal, then drops the connection and still come out with the win. How can it? A friend who also plays the way MyClub had mentioned what had happened to him, but found it odd because usually when the match drop the connection is canceled and no one wins. But this case is different, the cheater drops the connection and still come out with a win.

Here is the proof in this video cheating:
(In the video the cheater team attacks from left to right.)

The cheater uses the following PSN ID: Igner19

Let's spread to all forum and if they can help me bring this situation to the Konami I along with the PES community thank. I also thank my friend Nelson Amorim for having given the video to your match!

A big hug to everyone!

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Glock_NL is an unknown

I don't think this is an intentional disconnect, just the inconsistent PES servers acting up.
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Kubi_KZ has stepped out of the darkness into slightly less darkness

I have played a total of more than 9000 online matches since PES 2008, believe me its intentional.

Same story since 8 years.

The reason the opponent was afk for a while was because he was starting his lag generator (either massive torrents or load dumping on pc). And because the opponent was most probably hosting the game (online matches are based on P2P connection), he made it seem as if danielsantos disconnected, hence the point deduction.

Please don't complain saying "how dare I tell the dark secret of cheating", its been known on this forums since a couple of years. Hell, the longest thread in the history of PESGAMING belongs to me, and was dedicated against cheating, here:

Full thread (1200 replies):

Conclusion and proof of the cheating method:
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