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Defense mechanics is where the game will succeed or fail

I like almost everything about this year's game.
Everything seems to be tighter and Konami have seem to have struck a good balance between realism and enjoyment.

The one part which I think needs still a bit of work (or perhaps I need to learn the mechanics of better) is defending.

There still is a sense of inevitability of a goal being scored against me - especially when playing the CPU.

I am not sure if I am not using the right mechanics, but the CPU has this move where they pass the ball to a striker, who will receive the ball with his back to the goal, he then shields the ball in a very magnetic way, turns quickly left or right and slots in the bottom of the net. During this whole sequence, my defender is completely powerless. No matter what I do in terms of defense mechanics, the CPU will always go through this sequence and will either score of force a miracle from my keeper.

Any pointers on how to defend this?

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