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Should I buy PES???

I saw some videos on YouTube and downloaded the demo . After months of playing Fifa 's I started missing " real football " feeling . I'm considering to buy PES. Fifa 's pretty arcade and looks more gamers than for football fans. I like to play seasons but the higher I play in divisions the more the game changes in an arcade game with long through balls, overpowered speed and unrealistic skills. The reason I 've always played Fifa to find because many people are online . In PES 2014 , there were not as many people within a few months longer online . I remember from P2014 that there were some latency issues online. Most of the time a felt a lag between pressing a button on the controller and action of the player.Do you know what 's popularity at this time of PES ? Sometimes there were online 3 people online.....In evening on Fifa there are about 5000-7000 people playing divisions. Was wondering how many there are in PES. Does PES have something like divisions?I have a X0 . Thank you for your reply

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