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The nightmare of small teams in online divisions.

Hello there.
I would like to share my experience with you guys, not to ask some hints or tips or anything but just to point out that taking super teams in PES is just boring and there is not real skills or football thinking involved.

With small teams, i am stuck in division 6-5 just because everyone takes real madrid.
Am not complaining, real madrid is real madrid and ronaldo is ronaldo. I dont expect to be able to steal the ball of them in 1-1 situations or play total football against them.
What i do expect is some fairness. Just because my attacher is rated 77 it doesnt mean that he needs to place 7 shots to score 1. And just because my GK is rated 74 it doesnt make him stupid.
I concieve a range of goals. The most frequent is the ronaldo abuse which is fair enough, if i cant stop him he is gonna score so i consider this my fault.
HOWEVER, those random ***** goals in which the other player controls benzema, has just pressed square, with 4 defenders around him, and against the laws of physics turns his body and scores a screamer from outside the area i cant stand it.
Example 2: Just because my defenders are rated 69-74 it doesnt mean they are stupid. A random lob from the byline and 3 CBs marking Ibra and yeah you know the drill.
Example 3: Defenders who cant challenge physically anyone behave wierdly cause of the stupid AI.
Example 4: the through ball abuse: It really pisses me off when someone of those 850 rated players really thinks that i am that stupid and they are going to give a through ball from their RB to the CF and is gonna suceed. Or when they randomly shoot from pretty much anywere in the field. Do they think i am that useless? or is this their level of skills?
The problem is probably they are gonna succeed because my defenders will somehow wont respond properly or the shot they placed is from outside this world.
But hey, where is the fun if you are not the underdog and you humiliate these so called 850s with small teams? Cheers to all these players who know this beautyful feeling.

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