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PES 2016 - Xbox One vs. PS4

I was wondering what people's preferences are. Is there any noticeable difference in game play or appearance between the two consoles? I've only played PES2016 on the PS4 at a mates house. I was travelling for several months so ended-up selling my PS3 before I left. I used to have an xbox 360 too but I gave that to my cousin. Basically now I'm trying to decide which console to go with and one of the games i'll be playing the most is going to be PES2016 until the next release comes out. I personally used to prefer playing football games on the playstation over the xbox as the controllers felt more comfortable. I haven't used the new xbox though so would be interested to see what the consensus is. I've found a good bundle for sale with a used xbox one, multiple controllers and a handful of games. Can't believe how cheap they are going for now. Might just buy the xbox and see how it plays.

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