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What do you think of Featured Players?

I play a lot of myclub and this year they introduced Featured Players (a wrong copy paste from FIFA Ultimate in-forms if you want my opinion).

I totally understand the introduction of it for financial reasons as it will generate a lot of money for Konami, maybe more than selling the game itself. No issue there, generating profit is any company's number 1 focus.

But what I simply don't understand is why they destroy the balance of football players ratings, and the balance of the game basically. Why such increases? Why Ziyech has rating 96 which is the best in the game and he can still grow until 98 or 99, why Bamba (which I didn't know he existed) has a rating of 88 which is the same as Gareth Bale. Here comes the funny part, he can still grow until level 64, meaning a rating of 96-97. And the same with all the other featured players, like Bernardoni 87 who can grow until 93(no other GK can grow until 93) and Jailson 87, Simeone 93 WTF? And some of the best players in the world like Mbappe get a featured version of 89 which is only 3 point higher in rating compared to the normal 86 version. Ziyech at 96 compared to the normal version of 85 it's an 11 point increase. Bamba's normal version has a rating of 75, while the featured version is an increase of 13 points to get 88 rating.

And besides the rating issue, the direct result of this is even worse: A lot of this "average" players have generated faces, because they are not so known so we end up playing against some 5 star teams full of no names, no faces, no individualization of the player. They can even make a featured version of myself 99 rated, they can select the first face from edit mode and add me there, wouldn't be worse than what they did now. That's how I feel about this hole thing.

To me these thing doesn't make any sense, any logic, not even financial. Those who pay, they pay to get a 97 Messi version or Mbappe 89 version, not a 93 never heard of, no name, no face.

But I'd like to hear other opinions, maybe other people find this ok.

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