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partyanimal is an unknown

player with the highest overall

i have a player named stremmer from the youth team,he's overall now in the 2021 year is 108

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Wow, thtas great... anyway about 11 seasons!
My highest overall is 104 from a BAL player (not in ML!).

Any of you knew that players like Ivarov, Stremer, Ximelez, Barotta, Espimas, Iouga, Valeny, etc, are all players from the "real" ML team (example when you start a new ML game in pes2008)????? 'cause i read a lot a people sayin those names like if they were some kind of random :P
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yes they are i'm in 2018 my highest overall is 100 lovren and he is miiiiiiiineeeeeeee!!!!!
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Originally Posted by partyanimal View Post
i have a player named stremmer from the youth team,he's overall now in the 2021 year is 108
Stremer and Libermann get both high rating but they suck in gameplay.. I got both before in youth team and they reached 107 & 103 as far as I remember before releasing them.. they will become very expensive and they are not that good in gameplay, unless u "leave to coach" too much.. best CB ever in youth team is called Gabrimel if u find it never let him go.. he will start very high from the age of 16.. he is now 104 at the age of 22 with me and he is very strong in he air and in one on one even in game play.. he is really a defender that u can't imagine any better.. good recommendations to buy also that are close to him in performance and developing are chybnaskiy and sommeil, not sure where to find them and at which age cause I'm in 2023 now.. also if u get Salzan in the youth team sign directly cause he will be one of the best players in the game with about 10 attributes in red (95 and above) he is a side back that is capable of playing in lots of positions, I trained him for CB also and he is doing great in it
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